Tidal Connect stop working after song change

Hi all,
first of all excuse my “English”. I am an old Italian man…
I have a rather annoying problem with tidal connect and volumio. It all seems to work perfectly, but when the tracks end, when the next track has a different sample rate from the previous one, playback freezes. Sometimes you just need to go to the next track manually, other times you have to reconnect to tidal (connect) or restart volumio. This annoying phenomenon obviously occurs only when listening to playlists. In albums, since there are no sampling frequency changes, everything works. I have tried any workable solution from the system settings, with no success. It happens with all my devices (except the pc which for some mysterious reason does not recognize volumio tidal connect). I have all devices updated to the latest software version available. Volumio runs on a raspberry pi 4. The dac is the topping d90 mqa connected via usb. Oddly if I listen to the playlist directly from volumio without using tidal connect, everything works perfectly.
I have a tidal master and virtuoso volumio subscription, of course.
Anyone have any ideas about it?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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This is the log


an example of a playlist:

Roy Hargrove - Strasbourg/St. Denis 44.1 HiFi
Ornette Coleman - Ramblin’ 44.1 MQA
Dave Brubeck - Take five 44.1 MQA
Horace Silver - Song For My Father 192 MQA
Bruce Harris - Soundview 44.1 HiFi
David Benoit - Linus and Lucy 44.1 HiFi

i have this issue too on the rpi4

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I’m sorry you have the same problem, but at the same time, I’m happy to know I’m not alone in my despair! :smiley:
Good luck and thanks for the reply!

no problem with the raspberry pi headphone output. But, after all, the frequency always remains at 44.1 regardless of the source.

The problem recurs the same with the Lotoo Paw-S1 and Topping EX5 USB DACs .

Summing up:

MQA —> MQA same sample rate: ok
MQA —> MQA different sample rate: freeze always
Hifi ----> HiFi ok (obviously)
MQA —> HiFi freeze always (regardless of the sampling rate, even both 44.1)
HiFi —> MQA freeze always (regardless of the sampling rate, even both 44.1)

With the hope of having been useful :slight_smile:

I’ve same problem with the latest Volumio 2.907 and Allo Usbridge Signature (RPi CM3+)
I 've downgraded to 2.882, it is working fine.
I’ve opened a support ticket.
I’m waiting for the fix.


You’re right, it works! Thank you sir :slight_smile:

Hello, how did you lower the version? Thanks

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Hello Kisiov,
I downloaded this torrent and performed the usual procedure (MicroSD flash, blah blah). I don’t know if it’s a reliable or licensed version, so I decline any responsibility. Good luck!

volumio-2.882-2021-04-24-pi_archive.zip (5.9 KB)

Same issue here, hoping for update release soon as I dont feel like re-flashing etc and reconnect everything.

Same issue here too: do we have a minimum quality control here? Releases are supposed to be stable, how could a so big bug go unnoticed?

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These issues should be addresses now in volumio 2.909. please read about it here: Adding Tidal Connect - #340 by mervinio

Many thanks mervinio! Update 2.909 solved the problem! Now everything works fine :slight_smile:

live long and prosper

volumio 3.0 broke it again …

please update to the latest version, that should solve the issue.

It has just been released as a regular update. No need for test mode

Thanks, altered my previous posting.

updated to 3.233, worked for a while. but now it’s back to square one. will stop streaming after one song, or sometimes even in the middle of a song. with the spinning wheel of death on the play button

Please send a log, otherwise we can’t really understand what is going on there.
After the issue occurs, send a log and paste the link here: