Teac ud301x gives stability problems

Seems that your clock is out of sync. More than 1000s
That is what i read

I have a RPI3B

Figure something else out. When I start playing with Tidal I had no problem but when I played from NAS source system stops responding.
Other thing I notice. The nas library (my music) is empty after selecting a album track.

But the npt error would resolved in time when it will be synced.

sysctl: cannot stat /proc/sys/kern/timecounter/hardware: No such file or directory

You don’t need to run that command just wait for a few minutes
And that error would resolve it self.

This is what they say about it :

It’s only an info message that the clock was unsynchronized (TIME_ERROR: 0x2041). Command ‘ntptime’ would have told you “status 0x2041 (PLL,UNSYNC,NANO)”. And after a few minutes ‘ntptime’ would have said “status 0x2001 (PLL,NANO)” when the clock got sync.

So this will change in time and will sync.

think it is a compatibility issue with the Teac, on win11 it works without any problem. So no cable issue or usb connection.

I think your connecting it to something with more power on the bus is the pc a usb 2.0 or 3.0 connection?

Did you have more items on the usb or just the Teac on the pi ?

Just the Teac, pc is 3.0 port.

Usb 3.0 has lots more power to give than the pi
And what do you have on usb on the pi when you try to run it.

Are you connected via ethernet or wifi on your pi?

Yours has 2.0 yes … pi 4b had 2.0 and 3.0

Ethernet over usb has the 3b if you switch to wifi you could give it a bit more power on usb maybe that does the trick.

Did it work on the pi?

Connected with ethernet. Think pi is 2.0?

Ok than is that importent to look at when you buy a sbc.

I will try the wifi later on. Maybe that is the trick indeed.

But i checked the usb compatible dac list of volumio the ud301x is not in the list.
Only the 501 and 503 are listed.

I think your bounded to mac or pc for teac.

Do they add more devices overtime? My Teac has a balanced output which I want to use for my active speakers (edifier) I am going to try wifi now.

I think if there was support for it, it would be already in the list of working dacs.
Some dacs go good with pc / mac and some don’t work well on rpi
Your version works good for pc and mac that is what i read.

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So back top topic. The x86 minipic works well with flashing to rom. No stabilities problems. Also extra Volumio futures are working. Whole system looks stable compare to my rpi3b. So also no problems with playing Teac device. Is on 3.0 usb port now.

Good to hear, we deserve a glass of cold :beer: