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Hi, I’ve been testing Volumio for a few days on my DIY media server, based on Raspberry Pi4 and sound card with Aoide DIGI pro digital output, except for a few small non-repetitive problems, however I noticed this strange behavior only on all 192Khz/24 bit encoded files , the other 44/88/96Khz files have no problem

  1. The file sent to the amplifier through the optical output is absolutely not processed by the amplifier which remains silent

  2. The file sent to the amplifier through the S/pidif is processed, but a very, very low sound level

  3. Instead, the same file sent through the S/pidif output of the mother board of a Windows 10 HTPC is processed regularly by the amplifier using the same input previously used by the PI 4.

Any ideas?

Today I tried to add to my DIY media streamer a small 192kHz/24 bit DAC (around 10 euro on Amazon). I connect it using the digital (optical or S/pidif) output of the PI4 and end up with a stereo RCA (L+R) pre-wired cable for my Yamaha amp - now it works, but it can’t be the solution, because it just increases the jungle of cables in my system. It also doesn’t clarify if the problem is PI4, Volumio or Amply (the latter works fine with the same file when processed by my Windows HTPC) :exploding_head:

S/PDIF and Toslink capabilities depend on the transmitters/receivers used in the devices. So some are able to do 192 kHz / 24 Bit, others don’t (the manufacturer should know it). Furthermore the cabling is crucial (S/PDIF: good quality connectors and 75 Ohm cable | Toslink: good quality cable, as short as possible).

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