Spotify connect suddenly gone mad

Hi Guys, found no match in searching, so I think this is a new issue.

since one week or so, when I try to connect to either of both (!) volumio devices via spotify app, the app goes wild skipping titles by itself every second or even faster. There is no sound or something displayed in the web interface.

A couple of days ago, a reboot helped. But not now. Did a volumio update on one of my raspis → same picture (BTW: how is a plugin updated? Automatically with the system?)

Any hints highly welcome. Maybe this is an issue of the app, since it is present on both raspis regardless of system version.

Thanks in advance

(Raspi 3B and 4B, System 3.252 and 3.324, Premium)



It’s not a new issue, you can find all the discussions in the main thread concerning the new Spotify plugin.

Thanks, but this is referring to the spotify plugin. I’m speaking of the spotify connect plugin. But meanwhile i found this here:

I’ll check all the hints there an will report back later.



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OK, somebody should have told me, that these are now one. So I removed the connect app and installed the spotify app.

Solved. Thanks!



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Any word on Spotify Hi-fi yet (lossless)?

Spotify seems to have shelved that product, so don’t get your hopes up.

Yes that’s what I concluded, haven’t heard anything for ages. Most users probably aren’t into high sq listening but would have been neat (and pretty easy you’d think to provide CD quality). Have never been a Spotify user myself but is a shame


Thanks I’ve not been able to get spotify working for sometime so I’ll give it a go thanks.

Thank you for Hijacking this topic. Concerning Spotify Hifi:

Long Story: Internal Link

Even longer Story: External Link

Long story (stories) short: Set up a proper ABX-test to see if you really can spot the difference. I doubt you can.



But that didn’t answer the question on Spotify HiFi :slight_smile:

But I think it will never come, since Spotify “Leaked” the information, Amazon and Apple launched their Hi-Res. For Amazon at a 3 dollar additional charge and Apple with no additional charge. So I don’t believe people are willing to pay more for CD quality to Spotify.

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No worries,
2 second question.
Was also interested who would be using volumio with MP3s. I’ve copied some to my ssd and still sounds pretty good.

Made In Heights, former electronic duo got terribly ad odds including litigation. Suddenly disappeared @ spotifiy (and all other streaming services), because author´s right wasn´t solved and therefore billing. Secret link @ their youtube account led to a download site where you could get two albums. (MP3 / 320kBit, 24Bit - that´s what windows explorer / volumio tells me)

They are on my NAS and occasionally played over volumio since I still find them cool. I have nothing to complain about on either of my systems (Living Room: RPi → HDMI Out → Cambridge CXU → Dayens Ampino → Swans M1 TQWT Mod or O2 Headphone Amp → AKG K701, Bedroom: Audiophonics RaspDAC (modded) → Vista Audio Spark → DIY Speakers (SBAcoustics drivers) .

Electronic Music with female Voice.



Yeah that’s cool. I’m still like 60% about the music and 40% sq/tech, and still have a stack of flac backups and MP3 albums too. Good for when you are sick of streaming and like to listen to your own music collection :relaxed:.