New Volumio Spotify Plugin Open Beta-Testing



What this changes:

  • Disabled volume sync to avoid volume jumps and excessive API call request
  • Clear queue when Spotify Connect starts (avoid skipping)
  • Require extended scopes tokens only if user is logged in

Known issue:

  • If you are playing from within Volumio and start another Spotify session from your mobile or PC, the track will skip to the next. Just click again to the track you want to play, and it will play. NOTE: Queue will be cleared if it contains spotify track when you start a connect session.

IMPORTANT! Everyone on a version lower than this, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PLUGIN TO THIS VERSION!

To do so:

  • Uninstall the plugin you have
  • Restart your device
  • Install new version 3.0.6

Then, a note about current development status. Considering the big difficulties we are having in delivering a stable plugin, we did a deep analysis of the technical stack involved.
Turns out that to solve all the issues completely, and have 100% stable plugins, we do have to do some architectural restructuring of the code of Vollibrespot. This is also a good chance to update everything to the latest version of librespot (which is updating its API as well, as there seems some new issues between Spotify infrastructure and librespot).

For about 20 days there will be less response from the team in this (and others thread) as we enter now in reduced development capacity due to summer vacations.

So, long story short, to have a 100% good plugin, more time is needed and we will be able to deliver it not before the end of the summer.
Rest assured, no effort is being spared so far, and won’t be.

Thanks to everyone is reporting issues and suggestions here, without your help it would have been much harder!


The latest and greates version is 3.0.4 . You can install this from the Plugins store (DO NOT INSTALL MANUALLY)


If you play from Spotify from Volumio UI and then from Spotify Connect (directly from Spotify app itself) you might get some weird behaviour like skipping tracks and so forth. So suggestion is, to only use one mode (or browsing from UI or Spotify Connect). If you want to use Connect, make sure you clear your queue from Spotify tracks.


From a recent debugging session, it turns out that people that are unable to see their device as connect option have both plugins (old spotify connect plugin) and the new one installed.

So, if you are in this situation:

  • Uninstall both plugins (volspotconnect2 and spotify)
  • Restart volumio
  • Install the new official plugin only


GOOD NEWS! I’ve managed to put a lot of work into the Spotify plugin, and solved quite a lot of issues reported by you guys.
As always, thanks for the feedbacks and reports. This time it has been especially helpful since Spotify has some geo-related issues which are not obvious to fix.

This is what has been improved in the latest version (3.0.3)

Use different workaround for not found tracks
Avoid token expiration for control actions
Fix crash if name contains hyphens
Fixed funny behaviour of volume control
Fixed conflicts between browsing mode and connect mode
Do not play unavailable tracks in region
Fix potential conflict with old plugin version settings

The plugin is now released, so feel free to enjoy! And, if there are more issues, please report them here.

IMPORTANT! Remember to provide infos when you report an issue. We need to know

  • Explain the issue with the most details
  • Tell us your system (PI etc), DAC, Volumio version
  • IMPORTANT: Send the log How to send a log link for a bug report? and paste link here (just after the issue occurs)


This is no longer relevant, as we just released this plugin in the store.

This means that we removed the old spotify and volspotconnect plugins, and there is just one single plugin.

So, from now on, we will have a single plugin to have the best Spotify experience in Volumio.

Thanks a lot to everyone which participated in this beta test, this would not have been possible without your precious feedback.

Dear Volumioners, due to a recent change in Spotify, the old Volumio Spotify plugin stopped working.

Urged by the community, Volumio Team decided to roll up its sleeves and code a newer, better Spotify plugin.

What this new plugin brings:

  • Spotify Connect Functionality (play Spotify to Volumio from your Spotify App)
  • Spotify Browsing directly in Volumio
  • Better Volume Control
  • Volumio’s excellent Sound quality

Before releasing this plugin to ALL Volumio users, we want to make sure it’s working 100% and does not have any evident issue. So this is why we are organizing this open beta testing: we want to see what issues occur and fixt them before releasing to the overall community.

So, if you want to help, If you encounter problems, bugs, inconsistencies report them to us. Remember to include the following informations:

  • Which device
  • Which version
  • DAC, Wireless Connection or Wired
  • Type of account
  • What is the problem (be as accurate as possible especially on how to replicate it) and what is the behaviour
  • Possibly, send a log just after the problem occurs and paste the link here. See: How to send a log link for a bug report?

How to beta test:

  • Uninstall both Spotify and Spotify Connect Plugin
  • Restart your device
  • Enable SSH (see How do I enable ssh connection? ) (username: volumio, password: volumio)


git clone --depth=1
cd volumio-plugins-sources/spotify/
volumio plugin install

(type y and press enter to install)

  • Go to plugins, enable the Spotify Plugin
  • From now on, you can play via the Spotify App
  • If you want to browse your playlists, track etc from Volumio, click on Settings and add your credentials


If you want to show appreciation for the work we’ve put into this plugin (and Volumio in general) please consider subscribing to our premium plan. Not only you show us that you canre, but you get a lot of awesome features that you can use with spotify (for example multiroom synced playback from Spotify Connect, and nice metadata showing on the manifest UI)


Installed the new plugin, playlist and everything is working as it should only problem I am facing is volume is too low even at 100%, checked my volume options in general playback but no effect.


okay its back to normal volume now, not sure what I did, installed spotify connect and also changed one click volume steps in volume options.

what do you mean by “installed spotify connect”? the new plugin is all in one.


If I add my credentials nothing happens. Plugin doesn’t seem active. Anything else I need to do?

well I installed spotify connect through regular plugin search, was not aware its built in.
Another issue I noticed that its not showing the Bitrate of the songs being played which it used to while playing spotify on volumio. its a minor issue but helps to know if its 320 Kbps or less.


playlist stop between each track

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may be try restarting the volumio. mine running fine on Pi 4b, tested for around 30 mins now.
it does stops after a song ends and have to manually switch to next song.

Trying to play a playlist via new Spotify interface - Playlist queues, but it does not continue to the next song once the first song is complete. I can skip forward during the playback and it will continue to the next track, but again once that track finishes the playback stops. This is a raspberry pi 4 8gb, Geekpi DAC, wireless 2.4ghz connection, Volumio 3.251 Premium, Spotify Premium

Spotify Connect seems to playback just fine, but it is not displaying the correct artist info within the Volumio web interface. But so far I am able to manage the music just fine from my Spotify mobile app or Windows 10 app

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yeah it stops playing once the song ends, I just tried playing the song till it finishes, earlier I was changing songs manually.


I’m running raspberry pi 3b Volumio 2

This only for volumio 3… Nothing to expect with V2…

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Guys we need those infos

Hi there, thanks for a great job. My two cents:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
Version of Volumio: 3.251
Hw audio configured: Allo BOSS
Network: WLAN
Volumio Free account, Spotify Premium account.
Current Beta plugin does not take into account incomplete albums / nonexisting tracks. See e.g. Vangelis - El Greco (original album from 1998, not the OMPS) - only tracks 4+6+7 are “playable” in the official Spotify app, other tracks are greyed out and can’t be played. Volumio plugin allows to play also “unavailable” tracks - they’re played as silence.

JustBoom DAC HAT.
Volumio 3.198.
Spotify Premium,
LAN connect
New Spotify plugin works without issue.

I am fairly computer literate and have enabled SSH but I can’t for the life of me see where I type the command below to get the file to install - help please guys

Thanks in advance

it looks ok to me. tested both spotify connect and in the volumio.
Great job!

Use putty and put in volumio’s Ip as host

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Also u don’t need to type the command, rather copy and paste will do in putty’s console