Spotify connect immediately crashes

Dear Volumio fans,

I am having trouble with the Volumio Spotify Connect2 plugin for Volumio. Whenever i try to use the volumio device from the “Spotify Connect” option in the Spotify Desktop app it says for around half a second “Playing on volumio” and then instantly vanishes and spotify continues to play on my desktop speakers.

I searched the logs from the /dev section of the device and i saved the logs to this url:

I have (offcourse) tried to reflash the latest volumio image to the RPi and install the plugin again, the same happens.

The weird thing is that when i use my phone (iPhone) and select the volumio device in spotify connect, the same song DOES play and it just works. When i then go back to my desktop and select the volumio device, then it also works. I hope one of you could help me out because i really like Volumio.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: RPi 2 Model B
DAC: Headphone jack of the RPi

I’ve got this going on too. Settings System Version 3.512. Plugin Spotify 3.0.9
Phone casting works, computer desktop casting does not work.
what’s up?

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