Sort library by newest albums

Is it possible to see the newest albums in a list?
I want to see the newest albums I copy on my internal ssd (library) in a list. Sometimes I don’t know the name of the Album or the Artist. Maybe a list by year?


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Currently not possible. Will be a big impact on the Volumio coding as they can only determine this by file timestamp.
You can add it to feature request.

As this isn’t supprted by Volumio, might an alternative be for you to create playlists, by say decade?

I have thought about something similar. If library is already big, then it is hard to track recently added albums. I don’t mean newest albums by year, but strictly music added by last library update.

I don’t have no clue, how hard it could be to add such kind of section that shows only albums added by last library update. Yet I know, it must be smart and somehow show old titles only until new ones are added and then remove them.

As Volumio depends on MPD’s library handling, it is probably a bit challenging, in future dev’s probably start to bend this to add new library handling features or even new meta-tags support.

It has been requested more than 5 years ago: New Libarary view "Recently added"

Maybe now is the time for that feature after 5 years :slight_smile:

Playlist would be an alternative yes, thanks.

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  • or create a folder called last week or month and put the songs in that folder. You only need to update the folder and update scan manually.
  • Or have a different DNLA server, with the capeabilty to create dynamic playlist and use those playlist.
  • Or install Cantata, that can connect to Volumio’s MPD and create a dynamic list from there (haven’t tried this one myself)

There are some time consuming alternatives…

With Cantata it is possible:

People using Cantata on windows. You need to run a perl script to enable the remote dynamizer, on the rPi. Please see:
Bullitt 12.
One remark, on Windows the rules are a bit different:

  • No duration
  • No Number of songs
  • No added in the last


Two more ways to solve this.

  1. If your music is on a NAS, consider the possibility to install Subsonic (or Airsonic) on it, and use Volusonic plugin in Volumio. You have access to all your music, plus “random albums” and “newest albums”, out of the box in subsonic. Additionnaly, your subsonic server gives you access to all your music library from internet, which is magic. Subsonic is stable, but does not evolve any more, while Airsonic does.

  2. if your music is on a USB HD, you may consider using symlinks if the file system supports it (any basic Linux EXT fs will). You can create specific directories (like "000_NEWS_2022) in which you can add symlinks to the files you wish, based on the date of the file. A bash script in Linux can do this very easily. The drawback is that entries are duplicated in your MPD DB, but you can delete the oldest links if you want (older than one year for example). I make this on a yearly basis, but this could be done monthly, weekly, etc…

Naming them “000_xxx” allows them to appear always on the top of the list (alphabetical order).

Again, a bash script for doing all this is easy to write.

For example, here is the content of my “000_NEWS_2022” directory for Classical music, first ordered by date, and then alphabetically:

2022-01-05-Bach,_C.P.E.-CPE_Bach_Cello_Concertos.-OAE-Leonhardt-_Bylsma → ./Bach,_C.P.E.-CPE_Bach_Cello_Concertos.-OAE-Leonhardt-Bylsma/
2022-01-05-Edward_Elgar-Indispensable_Diapason → ./Edward_Elgar-Indispensable_Diapason/
-Il_primo_libro_di_Capricci → ./Gustav_Leonhardt-Frescobaldi-Il_primo_libro_di_Capricci/
-CPE_Bach_Concertos_H47_H410 → ./Gustav_Leonhardt-JS_Bach_Concerto_BWV_1052-_CPE_Bach_Concertos_H47_H410/
2022-01-05-Gustav_leonhardt,_Sigiswald_Kuijken,_Wieland_Kuijken,_Rene_Jacobs,Toyohiko_Satoh-Lawes-_The_Royal_Consort_and_Lute_Songs → ./Gustav_leonhardt,_Sigiswald_Kuijken,_Wieland_Kuijken,_Rene_Jacobs,Toyohiko_Satoh-Lawes-_The_Royal_Consort_and_Lute_Songs/
2022-01-05-Indispensables Diapason → ./Indispensables Diapason/
2022-01-06-Eleonora_Deveze_Christian_Mendoze_Musica_Antiqua_Mediterranea-Ay_Amor_Splendeurs_de_la_musique_baroq → ./Eleonora_Deveze_Christian_Mendoze_Musica_Antiqua_Mediterranea-Ay_Amor_Splendeurs_de_la_musique_baroq/
Bach,_C.P.E.-CPE_Bach_Cello_Concertos.-OAE-Leonhardt-_Bylsma → …/03-Baroque/C.P.E. Bach/Bach,_C.P.E.-CPE_Bach_Cello_Concertos.-OAE-Leonhardt-Bylsma/
Edward_Elgar-Indispensable_Diapason → …/06-Moderne/Elgar/Edward_Elgar-Indispensable_Diapason/
Eleonora_Deveze_Christian_Mendoze_Musica_Antiqua_Mediterranea-Ay_Amor_Splendeurs_de_la_musique_baroq → …/03-Baroque/Eleonora_Deveze_Christian_Mendoze_Musica_Antiqua_Mediterranea-Ay_Amor_Splendeurs_de_la_musique_baroq/
-Il_primo_libro_di_Capricci → …/03-Baroque/Frescobaldi/Gustav_Leonhardt-Frescobaldi-Il_primo_libro_di_Capricci/
-CPE_Bach_Concertos_H47_H410 → …/00-Artistes/Gustav Leonhardt/Bach/Gustav_Leonhardt-JS_Bach_Concerto_BWV_1052-_CPE_Bach_Concertos_H47_H410/
Gustav_leonhardt,_Sigiswald_Kuijken,_Wieland_Kuijken,_Rene_Jacobs,Toyohiko_Satoh-Lawes-_The_Royal_Consort_and_Lute_Songs → …/02-Renaissance/William Lawes/Gustav_leonhardt,_Sigiswald_Kuijken,_Wieland_Kuijken,_Rene_Jacobs,Toyohiko_Satoh-Lawes-_The_Royal_Consort_and_Lute_Songs/
Indispensables Diapason → …/05-Romantique/Franz Schubert/Indispensables Diapason/