New Libarary view "Recently added"


in order to identify new music that has been added to the library more easily, it would be cool to have a view in the library root such as “Recently added” that shows the library items in a descending order of the date they were added.

The recently added items are probably the most likely things to be played in the near future, so why not make them more accessible.



Yes, that is doable and we’ll do that!
Again, can you open a ticket on Volumio2 github?

Sure, github issue is here:

great idea,
was trying to do that with a (smart) playlist but can’t make it works…

would be an awesome feature!

Hi there,

this is exactly what i am missing!

Btw: Good work Volumio-Team!

You can check out this plugin: … -playlists

It gives you a library view with the recently added tracks (last week, last month, …).
Its not quite what I had in mind as this is on track level, not on album/folder level, but it is a good start.


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would be a great add
the plugin seems not to work with my NAS, nothing find…

Are there any plans on adding this feature in the near future? Or is it already implemented?


I’d really love to get this feature !

I am actually trying to mimic the musical library code (with the proper date sorting) to create new plugin for this but I am not a dev so it is prettty hard for me…

And for sure , I 'd rather get it as a default feature in Volumio.

Another vote here for this feature. I used to have it when I had an Auralic streamer and I used it a lot.

+1, very good feature!

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We have it in our roadmap :wink:

what is the status on adding the option: sort by date or something like that? I really miss this as I sometimes upload more than a few new pieces and want to hear them first.

would be a nice feature

Yes please. I have been using an mpd client instead of the VOLUMIO interface for the past several years for this very reason. (And for mpd-sima!!)

I would think this should be easy to add and it still is not?!
I use JRiver at this moment for that reason, would like to move back to Volumio for sound quality but simply need to be able to see “last added”!

+1, would be a great feature!

Any updates on this feature?

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Someone working on that? Any update? I really miss that feature!