Song title not showing properly on Volumio dashboard

Hi there. Can you please let me know why my Volume dashboard page is showing random numbers when I play music from my Synology NAS? This happens on both the Synology DSM server AND the Minimserver.

When I play the same music from an attached USB drive, the proper song titles, artist, album and album art are shown correctly.

Thank you.

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Are the tracks being sorted by alphanumeric order rather than the order in which they were ripped from the album?
If so modify the track name so that the start of the track name is a number - suggest using 2 digit field ie 01, 02, 03 etc

Hello. Thank you for replying. My song tracks are numbered like this in my folders. The numbering follows the order in which the songs appear in the album.

Ok, I have a new observation: The random numbering appears when I’m playing DSD files. FLACs appear normal when I’m playing them (track title, artist, album title, album art)

I realize this isn’t perfect if I can’t show full details with DSD music, but I guess I can live with it.

It seems that users may not be able to fix this for themselves so it looks like a problem that Volumio may need to address

I’m wondering if this is related to an issue I raised with the author of MPD a while ago:

So what happens is, when Volumio sends the path of the DSF file, which happens to be a network path, to MPD for playback, the metadata is not read for reasons indicated in the Github issue. This explains why you get the correct title, artist, etc. when playing the same file locally on Volumio but not from the NAS.

If Volumio has the information about the DSD, it can actually show the correct title, artist, etc. by sending the relevant tags to MPD. It’s up to the developers to decide whether they want to do this.

Personally, I won’t rely on Volumio to manage my media. I have been using Jellyin media server instead and wrote a plugin to play songs hosted on the server. So far so good and yes - titles, artists and album art are displayed correctly for DSFs.

I invite you to try it and you may even be able to install Jellyfin on your Synology NAS (haven’t tested this myself - I’m running mine on a NanoPi with Armbian).

In my opinion this happens because the DLNA\UPNP Server is not able to retrieve the correct metadata from DSD files (hence it’s not exposing them properly via UPNP).
An easy way to verify this is to mount the drive using SMB (via sources) and not using it as DLNA and see if the tags are properly displayed.

FYI… This seems to be happening with *.aif files as well.