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I’ve written a plugin for use with Jellyfin media servers. The Jellyfin project is based on Emby but without the proprietary bits.

With this plugin, you can stream music from one or more Jellyfin servers in native format. I wrote this plugin because I have a Jellyfin server set up at my workplace and configured to be accessible from the Internet. At home, I would like my Volumio device to be able to stream from this server as well.

The plugin also works well for local Jellyfin servers. You can of course use Volumio’s Upnp browser for local DLNA browsing, but IMO the Jellyfin plugin provides a better interface than what can be provided by DLNA (and Volumio’s Upnp browser is rather rudimentary in some respects).

If you are streaming from remote servers, you should ensure that your Internet connection is fast enough and you are not on a limited data plan. Media is streamed in native format, so if you have tons of FLACs / DSDs, then…you get the idea :slight_smile:

You can find the plugin here along with installation instructions (EDIT 6/10: Jellyfin now included in Volumio plugin list. Install from Volumio UI → Plugins → Music Services):

I suggest you apply the script as described at the end of the readme after installing the plugin. If you do not, then you are likely to encounter playback issues for some tracks (trackbar not updating / playback not continuing to next song in queue).

Feel free to make suggestions or report any issues you find.



I’ve run the script, Music plays but doesn’t show up in the playback status at all. The only way I can stop playback is to dump the queue. Is that correct?

Nevermind. Didn’t hold my tongue to the right when I restarted. works fine now.

did you read all the info ?

Volumio will fail to update the stream’s playback status and the queue will stop after playing the current stream.

Updated (0.1.1b-20210905) with some UI changes and addition of filters.

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Updated (0.1.2-a):

  • Added ‘random’ sort option to All Songs
  • Apply filters when playing top-level folders (e.g. clicking Play button on ‘Albums’ and ‘All Songs’)

I will submit a PR to have this plugin included in Volumio’s plugin list. Hopefully this will encourage wider adoption of the Jellyfin media server, especially by those who have a huge music library.

EDIT: PR submitted. Will change version to rc1 after testing recent changes for a while longer

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Hi, thanks for this great plug-in. Are you considering to also support collections (and playlists) created under the Jellyfin account? I find both my music libraries under My Media, but not the collections I made. In the regular Jellyfin web interface, Collections are also shown under My Media when created. Anyhow thanks for this great work; cheers

Hi Milly. The plugin supports Playlists. They are shown under My Media:

For Collections…well, kinda embarrassed to say I wasn’t even aware of its existence! So I tried creating a Collection just then and they appear to be like bookmarks that point you to the actual resource (like album and user), is that correct?

I’ll see what can be done about adding support for Collections. This could take some time though.

Great that playlists are supported! Indeed, collections seem to be links to artists and albums (not individual tracks). They appear under My Media in the Jellyfin web interface, but not in the plugin interface.

Yep, that’s because they haven’t been implemented. I’ll try to add Collections in the next version.

Thanks, that’d be awesome. Big fan of your plugins here

Support for Collections added to the plugin. Just have to wait for it to be accepted into the Volumio plugin store.

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Thanks so much!

Gday, Sorry, previous post was in error. I have jellyfin 10.7.7 running on the same Pi as Volumio 3. I’ve installed the plugin and can connect to the Jellyfin server and browse artists/albums etc and songs play fine however no playlists are found/displayed. In jellyfin itself the playlists exist and are playable. The media disk just has a folder called “playlists” with m3u files. What am I missing? Where can I look for errors and/or misconfigurations?

This is something I might have missed when writing the plugin, mainly because I don’t have m3u files in any of my libraries. Could you pm me a sample m3u file so I can have a look and do something similar with my Jellyfin setup?

Have done. Is there another/better way to make playlists? My music collection started around 2003. :slight_smile: I’d like to keep the m3u playlists for compatibility with other players/systems but if its a showstopper for this plugin Im happy to do something differently. I have a few hundred playlists though so hopefully there’s an automated solution!

I would need a little bit of time to figure this out. If Jellyfin is able to show and play these m3u lists, then I should have this in the plugin too.

Hey, no stress, you’re a legend for building this plugin! in the Oct21 post above, what type of playlist is that showing? perhaps I can just convert my m3u’s into that format?

BIG WIN: Heres what I found. I went into Jellyfin selected “Music” then the “Playlists” tab. This is how i normally find my playlists. I then selected a playlist and selected “add to playlist”. I created “Test Playlist” with that playlists contents. When I went back to jellyfin a new box was next to “Music” called “Playlists” (!!!) So I went back into the volumio plugin and voila! they are all there. So you just have to create one playlist to “kick” JF to display the playlist box containing all the m3u playlists… BUT. The order is still borked. They do not play in the order that they are listed in JF. I believe this is a JF issue though because if I “cast” the playlist to volumio exactly the same thing happens, however your plugin is not involved. So it seems there are two JF issues here and none for you. Thanks for all your help and Im sorry for wasting your time.

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Hi, apologies for newbie question…

I am not sure how to connect the plug-in to the Jellyfin server that I have set up on my PC, which is running Windows 10.

The Jellyfin server name is DELL-DESKTOP, so should I add ‘http://DELL-DESKTOP:8096’ or just ‘DELL-DESKTOP:8096’ ?

Do I need to include my Windows password and username - which for Windows 10 is my Microsoft username and password, I believe?

I have tried all options but no music shows up.

I guess Quick Connect is not an option

You need to include http://... in the server URL.

No, the username and password should be the one you use for logging into your Jellyfin server, not Windows.

I am not sure if http://DELL-DESKTOP:8096 is reachable outside of Windows environment. I have not touched Windows in quite a while, with Linux being my daily driver. Have you tried connecting to this URL with the Jellyfin mobile app? I would also suggest that you simply enter the IP address of your server, e.g. http://192.168.x.x:8096 as IP addresses should be reachable within the same network unless Windows blocked the requests.