Some albums in Qobuz cut each song at 20 seconds

Volumio 3 Issues?

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Not sure if the original download is the problem or volumio.

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Can you give a specific example? Try playing the same album on the Qobuz app or web player. Sometimes Qobuz doesn’t have license rights to stream an album (restricted by the artist or record label), and the album will only play 30 second mp3 previews of the tracks. In that case Qobuz only has the full album available for download purchase on their app or web player.

Thks I think that’s the case . It’s so annoying!

Actually the same album is available without restrictions

Do you mean the same album has no restrictions on the Qobuz app, but cuts off on Volumio? What is the album?

no the same album is available twice. one with the 20 sec limitation and one without.

This has been fixed now. Can you let us know if that’s the case with you?

yes no more problems. Thx