Single Click > Add to queue instead of play? (Party Mode)

Hi there,

I am looking for a more user friendly way of adding songs to the queue like a jukebox or party mode.

Currently a single click on the track will delete the queue and play, you can only add to queue via the tiny little 3 dots which on touch screen devices and fat fingers is not user friendly at all.

A party or jukebox mode where a single click on a track adds to the queue would be an awesome feature…

Can this be done?

Hi @tomstephens89 , if you click on the 3 dots to the right of a track, you can select add to queue.

I don’t think you have read my post… :frowning:

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Tom has big fingers and the dots are small :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, missed that sentence, must be my fat eyes. The dots are a bit small on a phone screen.

Don’t you know what it feels like to be ‘that’ guy at a party that deletes the whole play queue and plays what they want instead?

Jukebox mode with default click behaviour being ‘add to queue’ would make Volumio into a party dream so we can all focus on drinking more beer instead of re-constructing the play queue that one of us just wiped!

@SimonE Even when using on a laptop, I find that quickly browsing through artists, one can miss the 3 dots and click the track instead if the page is drawing and it suddenly moves a bit…

Yes, this is a great suggestion.
How many times have I been adding songs and creating a nice atmosphere, when suddenly I miss the dots and blow it all away and have a new track start.

Found Volumio a few weeks ago, over all a very impressive program. Losing your entire que just because you missed tapping 3 tiny dots is a deal breaker. The default action when tapping anywhere on a track should be either add song to the que or at least bring up the same list the 3 dot menu brings up now.

This feature has been requested many many times for a long long time now.

Why it cant be added as an option I dont know, it would only make Volumio better. But hey ho… what do I know.

But I think this post says it all back from 2017… Default Click or Press to Queue

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I would also like to see this feature added.

Today the Playback Mode “Single” works this way but it also deletes the queue. What we want is playback mode “Single without deletion of queue”. Don’t modify the mode “Single”, just add another playback mode that adds the tapped song to the end of the queue.

Me and several of my friends loves the Volumio Primo but often we are several people adding to the queue and then someone single taps a song instead of pressing and holding choosing “add to queue” (Android app) and then the queue is deleted and we have to start over.

I searched the forum here and understand that this was the way that “Single” used to work? If possible then it would be nice to have work like this again, only as a third playback mode so not to mess with the ones in place already.


You mean something like a party mode?

duh… It’s already in the title.

I think this is a fantastic idea.


Did you ever find a way to achieve this ?

I came accross a hack for volumio 2 which supposed to do this but isnt possible with Volumio 3 as the files that need to be edited no longer exist.

This function would be so useful, not just for parties but also as an accessibility feature.

If anyone knows which file to edit then please say.:slight_smile:

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I couldn’t agree more with everybody here. I intend to use beloved Volumio at our house party and would actually like people to participate with their phones. I wrote a 3-step manual on how to connect to Volumio, search and add songs to the queue, and did a test run with a friend today - what was the first thing that happened? She of course clicked right on the song she wanted and wiped the queue :laughing: I’m pretty sure that’s gonna happen a lot at the party…

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I needed this too, mainly for the missus who finds it extremely difficult to acurately tap the kebab menu (she has MS)
So after several years waiting realized that it was never going to happen and went about figuring out how to do it myself.
Have a look HERE see if this is any use too you