Default Click or Press to Queue

When browsing the library, is there a way to default a click or touchscreen press to add that song to the queue instead of auto playing?

Press the 3 buttons and -> add to queue

Not exactly what I am looking for… When you click on the song title, it immediately starts to play. I want to change that behavior. On that click/press I want to add that song to the queue.

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This is how Volumio is designed, only way= click on the 3 dots and select add to queue :wink:

I am assuming if I want to change this, I would have to create my own build and modify the event handler. I am trying to ultimately create a jukebox party mode where guests could simply add songs to the queue without interrupting what is currently playing.

This is something I am also looking for. Ultimately for party mode etc. Trying to teach your guests to use the little dots on a smart phone ends up with them just playing the song.


Now we have Volumio 3 is this still going to be the only way to “add to queue” As this is so frustrating with a mobile phone sized device, such a hit and miss experience.

I and many others have requested this,
Would it be possible as a plugin ? or is it just that difficult to implement.