'Search Plugins' empty with one exception

Hello community,

I’m not able to to find any entries in ‘Search Plugins’ but a single one (FusionDsp).

I have no problems playing music through those plugins which are still installed (webradio, Soundcloud).

I’m logged in under ‘MyVolumio’.

Grateful for your help.


You will only see that plugin in the opening tab of Search Plugins. The rest should be viewable in the other tabs, like Music Services, System Tools. etc. Or don’t you see these?

Thank you Simon, much appreciated. The tabs on the left were not visible initially.

But I followed the advice from this thread: Cannot search any plugins (signed up to premium) - only see FusionDSP

(Turned off custom DNS and making IP fixed)

That seemed to have been the trick. I can now browse all plugins again.

So this can be considered solved.