S.M.S.L. SU-9n - ES9038PRO XMOS

Good morning
I have the audio configuration problem (Raspberry pi4 8gb) I can’t show the DAC to Volumio.
I set output device as I2S - but I can’t find the correct driver for the DAC that hears the connection with a frequency of 44.1 kHz.
Thanks for all your suggestions

Hi, this is an external DAC. First, turn it on to USB.
Disable I2S Dac, it should appear as below:

Just like with me (only your DAC)

Thanks for the reply
But the DAC doesn’t see me - related to S.M.S.L. SU-9n - ES9038PRO XMOS
I did as described but nothing, the DAC under the USB symbol detects the sampling frequency 44.1 kHz
I am going through hard times

Click on my avatar - there are settings at the end of the post. Do you have it set like this?

I clicked on your avatar, but I don’t identify the settings you tell me

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that’s what I did, the plugins are fantastic, but I can’t find the settings you tell me
If you are referring to the “HU300 Hifi 2.0” audio output I don’t see it, I am presented with the choice between “PIHdmi 1 and Pi headphone jack”

Maybe I need to put instructions on the config file?

General Playback Options!
HU300 Hifi 2.0 - its my DAC (Yours has a different name)
Audi Resampling - OFF

I give up
I’m at the initial stage… if the SMSL SU-9n DAC doesn’t see me… I can’t do anything
The touch is ok
the library is ok
All that’s missing is the sound…

Do you have a USB cable connected: Raspberry USB output socket to DAC USB input socket?
Maybe the cable is bad?

Just remember, turn on the DAC first and then the RPi. If you turn on RPi first, you may not see it.

I see your answer now
I tried other cables and turned on the DAC first and then the PI4
The USB socket of the DAC hears 44.1 kHz, but it does not configure on Volumio

Write to someone who has such a DAC. Maybe set DSD to PCM?
You probably have something set wrong

The SU-9n does not do I2S, only optical, coax and USB. Set it for USB. If you’re trying to use DSD, set it to DSD Native and make sure ALL re-sampling is turned off.