RPi4 White screen on startup

Hi guys,

Just getting a white screen all of a sudden. I chose restart device from the device itself (I’ve got the official pi screen) and not getting far since. I have unplugged both power supplies and plugged in again but getting the following, followed by a white screen then goes blank.

Was hoping for an easy fix, may unplug everything and reseat the SD card perhaps?

Just an update, although I did a fresh SD card install the setup is only working again when I disconnected the screen. I’m thinking it could be faulty or stuffed up - a little bit of googling shows it may be a warranty claim? It doesn’t exactly add much to the setup anyway so could go back to a hidden Pi.

Appreciate any advice.


Check if this applies to you:

You need to remove old version of both YouTube2 and YT Music plugins, if you have them installed.

Thanks for replying, I connected the screen again and isn’t working but my setup works without the screen connected. I started from fresh so don’t have those plugins loaded. I’ve emailed the company I bought the screen from, as I don’t know why it would suddenly do this. All I remember doing is powering the pi down from the power off icon from the screen

So the support person at Pi Aus said to tart with a new image from
Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi as it’s the ‘best way to debug the screen’

This worked fine on a new SD card (Pi Desktop). Guess will try formatting and loading Volumio again - it doesn’t seem to like the Raspberry Pi Imager. Funny thing is I can see the Pi and DAC, and login on desktop, just doesn’t get past that welcome to volumio screen on the device.

Edit: We’re in business. Was overthinking it. I didn’t install the screen plugin again. Not sure how it stuffed up but all good :slight_smile: .


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