Rpi + Kali + Piano case

Just got my kali+piano in last friday, for fun and to see if it sounds any better then de Hifibeyy DAC+ I was running for the last year and… it seems to be different, bit more clarity. I was thinking about replacing the tweeters in speakers but with the new setup I don’t think there’s a need for that anymore.

Now, the previous setup I printed a case for (from thingiverse) but for this there’s no setup yet so I’m draing up my own.

Started with modeling the system (nicked the PI from the web, modeled the allo parts myself)

Next, model a case around it and print it.

Really looking forward!!!

Awesome, please keep us posted!

Wauw… I’ll follow this closely

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Getting somewhere, little freehand on the top vent slots :slight_smile: (if Allo doesn’t mind)

Looks amazing…

We are also interested. Meanwhile we are working on an ALU box…it will take a few weeks to have samples

First testprint, fits like a glove :slight_smile:

Pictures not showing here :frowning:

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Nor here, which is a bit of a tease!

Bloody Google drive… beter now.

Looks perfect. I have the 2.1 piano. Do you have sourcefiles that I can mod, to make my own version?

Are you selling it? I am interested.

Looks awesome. Any idea on an availability timeline?

mwehrle (at) gmail (dot) com

In the absence of an “official” case, I hacked a modular case available from ModMyPi.com

It comes as a base case with lid, to which you can add more layers (spacers) to give you more height. I had to perform a little bit of surgery to make way for the Kali DC input and the Piano RCA outputs, as well as drilling 4 holes in the base to hold the boards in place. Otherwise it all went together pretty well.

Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s hidden out of sight and sounds great!

Next week we will receive the second set of samples for ALU box. I will update everyone once I get it. Meanwhile great looking boxes above.

Did I miss something like pictures from the first batch? I looked at the posts above but did not see (or I’m blind as a bat).


Is there any news for the case Rpi + Kali + Piano (2.0) ?
I’m very interesting.



There were some problems with the box, we are waiting for new pics of the cases. (alu)

Acylic cases , we will post pics this week

Ok nice. I’m interested by the two.


Hi allo,

I have see the pictures of piano 2.1 case, is the case of piano (not 2.1) will be the same aspect ?