Rpi + Kali + Piano case

No way,

We upgraded the design, will post soon pics (should be in less than a week)

Hi Allo,

Any news of pics ?


Grrr, I wont delay any longer. Pics is showed whitout the offsets , but here is a link tohttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-10pcs-M3-35mm-Aluminum-Alloy-6061-Multi-Color-Knurled-Standoff-for-FPV-RC-/172579201150?var=&hash=item282e85a07e:m:mlIKL-RA_XsI1HNK9AHoBOQ

Very nice, this is Boss version? It is expected a kali - piano version too?

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Yes , we will have a version with SBC+ Kali + Piano

Excellent… thank you :slight_smile:

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And here they are!


Bravo Allo! Very very nice!

Is wonderful. I have ordered my box yesterday from Allo home :slight_smile:

Hi Allo,

I have buy case kit Raspberry Pi + Kali + Piano.
There is a miss alignment of case with kalli power connector. The acrylic case is 1mm upper than is must be. We must rectify this to build all the case.
This is the same for the piano floor. All output are not to center but don’t be a problem to build the case.


Ok we are checking.

Do you have a problem to use the DC jack ?


After modification of the case, i haven’t the problem using the power jack.



You can see :
1 - Audio is not on center. The hole is too upper
2 - The Hole is perfect but too upper.
3 - I remove some plastic ( Same height has photo number 2 ) to insert the power jack.

And on other face :


The audio jack aren’t in the center. The hole is too upper.