RPi-DAC is now Durio Sound

RPi-DAC is now Durio Sound:

It will come with new Rasbian (Linux) driver, supporting also the 32bit samples.

Good luck Torsten! That seems a really hi-quality solution (as your style is! ) !!

If i had a B+ handy id snap this up. it looks very nice

when and where can I buy this one?

The PRo version looks very interesting with the power supply options.
Where can we buy this ?


Read “Update #4” at kickstarter.com/projects/46 … ound/posts


I just ordered one of these DACs on gravitech US. They are stating high demand and a wait time of 20-30 days.

Looks nice.
Why the switch from PCM1794 to PCM5102?

Cool, let us know what it sounds like when u get it

Hellow all

I totally new in this world and a I have a very easy question:

Durio Sound is compatible with volumio ?

In gravitech web is said “supported in the standard Raspberry Pi kernel that is included in the Raspbian distribution” but nothing about volumio

Thanks in advance

Hello jidorado!
I’m also interested to your question, I have just buy a Durio Sound Pro sure that works with Volumio, but I have seen that Durio isn’t present in the list of I2S DAC selectable in Volumio settings! :frowning:
However in the list is present the old name of Durio: RPI-DAC.
When I’ll receive my Durio next days I try the RPI-DAC driver… :unamused:

hi all,
I’m a newbie to this world and I learn a little bit every day.
Just tried durio sound on raspberry 2b and volumio and did not find durio on the dac list…
after few tests, it seems that it works when I set to hifiberry… I don’t know if this setup is optimal and would like to know how to add the durio sound driver to volumio.

thank you

Hi touhami,
Have you tryed with RPI-DAC, old Durio Sound card name?
If I remeber well is the last of the I2S DAC in Volumio list…

ironically, RPI-DAC wouldn’t make any sound for me. Hifiberry does. No hardware volume control.
release version: 1.55

Any ideas? this is my first time time using a raspberry pi dac and first time using volumio.

Durio website has Volumio like sponsor but Durio Dac doesn’t work with Volumio! :open_mouth:
How is it possibile!? :angry:
I’m waiting my Durio Dac ordered a week ago…what a bad idea buy it! :angry:

Here you can find two Images , try download them and let us know if they Works.


I just received my Durio Sound dual mono DAC. Setting up the I2S driver as RPi-DAC gave no sound output but the Hifiberry driver works. I’ll give some feedback in a couple of days once I’ve listened for a while. Right now I’m listening to

The Bill Evan’s Trio
Waltz for Debby

Hi badger,
as said before, no sound with RPI-DAC, hifiberry works, but for now, i’m not satisfied by the sound.

here is the link to download the latest kernel file that works with RPI2

duriosound.knapzaq.com/phpbb/vie … hp?f=3&t=7

I did not tried this yet

I’d like to know what you don’t like of the “sound” of Durio Dac. Thanks :wink:


I followed the installation instructions as referenced by touhami but got stuck at the editing the config.txt. I started by blindly amending the file with


as the instructions state but that stopped the rpi booting. I don’t have the experience with this to know how to edit this so that it works. If I simply leave the command


then at least the rpi reboots but I get no sound.


I have send a private message to tjaekel for help us make Durio Sound work with Volumio!
I have asked him to read this discussion,
I hope he can write here some useful answers to all of us.