RPi-DAC is now Durio Sound

Hi maxvise,

the high frequencies were harsh in my setup. I now power the durio pro with a 9V 3 amp wall ac transformer and things get better.


Thank you touhami :wink:

hello look about the DEMP Jumper… see this thread http://duriosound.knapzaq.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10
harsh in hight frequencies could be related.

Durio Sound Pro owners, here the suggested power set up directly from Durio web site.

DC wall adapter, 9V, 2A with a small DC plug, 1.4mm jack, would be best.

User can also build his own PSU, e.g. with AC transformer only.
Customer could use an AC transformer, 6V AC out (becomes up to 9V DC), max. 9…12V AV (not 15V, too high after DC).
50VA at least (100VA might be suggested for RPi + DAC, 50VA should be enough).
If Toroid or not: people say often for audio it is better (for sure). But it powers also the RPi, not a real difference.
And: the high voltage input, power cord, fuse … all at your own risk.

Durio pro owner here. I am powering the Durio with a 9VDC 3A power supply.

Im getting quality sound out with volumio installed and using the HifiBerry DAC option. However sound is stuttering with 24/96 FLAC source files. Suond with 16/44 FLAC (CD quality) seems good.

Hardware volume control is not working.

I have tried the instructions here to try to get full hardware support (duriosound.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7) - i.e so that aplay -l shows duriosound-dac, not hifiberry. But sadly no success. Have managed to modify the config.txt, un-zip and un-tar the modules files, however after switching to kernel7_durio2.img the RaspyFi boots with rainbow screen (some kind of kernel failure).

Is there any chance we could get full support? I have lots of 24/96 material.


I am using the dual mono version with a 9vdc 1.5a power supply and having no stuttering for 24/192 FLAC files. I have also tried the instructions to try to get full hardware support (duriosound.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7) but failed as well.

I’m going to use a 12v 2.5a DC plug, easier to find on the market.
I hope it works well like 9v DC.

Bad news have no support for this DAC. :cry:

I have created a Volumio thread on the Duriosound forum with a link to this page. I’m hoping that it facilitates communication with the Durio Sound developers.

duriosound.org/phpbb/viewtop … 3&t=40&e=0


Good idea sussexgooner!
Thank you! :smiley:
Hope this could help us!

OK here is a status update.

Transferred 24/96 flac files to a USB drive and tried to play from there. Success! Perfect playback. This is with the Hifiberry driver and 9vdc 3a power supply.

So the stuttering for hi-res must be due to poor network connection. I have some material at 24/44.1 and that played OK. Im using SMB mount to a Windows 2012R2 server. Was using wireless, will need to try wired next to see if that is any better.

I also tried changing the advanced option for CIFS (read buffer or something?) - made no difference.

The sound from the RPI+Durio DAC is really good! I paid less than $200 for the RPI, DurioPro DAC and power supply, for that price it has no right sounding this good!

Will post another update after testing wired connection.


Traced my problem with networking to the Edimax EW-7811Un adapter. Could only get 200k of throughput… changed to a Netgear WNA1100 - got more than 3 megs throughput! 24/96 now streaming over wireless very nicely…

Durio Sound PRO arrived.
The quality of the board is very very bad! :cry:
Bad welding, tin opaque too hot during soldering process, some capacitors appear burned! :imp:
However it works, now I’m testing DEMP and FILTER jumpers, default settings are DEMP=OFF and FILTER=LOW LATENCY.

Tested DEMP and FILTER.
DEMP=ON (only for 44.1 kHz files) high frequencies attenuated, should be good for too much bright Hi Fi systems.
Ear and choose what you prefer! :wink:

FILTER=ON (low Latency) FILTER=OFF (normal latency)
First of all I don’t know what it means! :laughing:

…I haven’t ear differences… :unamused: Can somenone help me?

i have mine runing and i think the sound is very good,
i´m earing more details on the music than with my hifiberry.
using 12 volts battery directly on the durio cleaned the sound…
sound very good indeed.

Have you used a car battery? Ah?
What about FILTER and DEMP?

Will the Durio DAC allow for the DAC to function as the Master Clock?

As you can see in this schematic Durio (SCK PIN of PCM5102) works in:

“System Clock PLL Mode”
The system clock PLL mode allows designers to use a simple 3-wire I 2 S Audio source when driving the DAC.
The 3-wire Source reduces the need for a high frequency SCK, Making PCB Layout easier, and reduces high frequency electromagnetic interference.
The Device starts up expecting an external SCK input, but if BCK And LRCK Start correctly while SCK Remains at ground level for 16 Successive LRCK periods, then the internal PLL starts, automatically generating an internal SCK From the BCK reference.
The PCM510x Disables the internal PLL When an external SCK Is supplied; specific BCK Rates are required to generate an appropriate master clock.

For more details see PCM5102 data sheet:

Hi, i m using ten 1,5volt eneloop batteries in a case.
I use the jumper on demp and the filter without jumper.
Sounds better than the hifiberry dac + and the hifiberry is very very good.

This is way beyond my technical skills. But I’m guessing the Durio DAC will function as the master clock in it’s inherent setup?

Thank you for informations! :smiley:
Durio suggest 9V DC, so if you need more space in the case, you can remove 2 eneloop without problem.
Your Eneloop has 2500mah capacity more and less…How many hours can you ear music before charge? 3-4 hours?
Should be better and less expensive a sealed Pb 12V 7ah battery or more.
Don’t you think? :unamused:

As written in “PLL Mode”: “…automatically generating an internal SCK From the BCK reference.”
This means that the clock is taken from I2S PIN 12, GPIO18 = PCM audio Raspberry clock.