Room correction using your iPhone and HouseCurve

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I’ve had a fair number of questions about my app note (below). I think it’s appropriate to start a dedicated topic for users to post questions and share their experiences.

Full disclosure, I am the author of HouseCurve, but I’m also a happy Volumio user. The app note was created using my RPi + HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP setup.

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A lot of users, including myself, struggle to get measurements over AirPlay to work with Volumio. I believe this has something to do with Shairport not liking short segments of audio. The workaround is to transfer the sweep file to the audio system as documented in the app note. If anyone knows more about this, I’d love to hear from you :slight_smile:

The next most common question is about transferring files from iOS devices to a Samba share. There is an issue where files look like they have transferred, but have a size of zero bytes. This might be an RPi issue only. The fix is to install the Fruit Samba VFS module on your system. Instructions are here.

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In FusionDsp there is a ‘Tools’ menu. It installs some sweep files and pink noise.
They are generated in REW.

You can add your files in the shared folder /data/INTERNAL/FusionDsp/Tools to be able play them directly.
I also propose you to include your sweeps in Tools in order to make it easier.
Contact me if you are interested :wink:

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Thanks, that’s an interesting idea. Let me mull that for a bit. The sweeps are actually generated on the device as it was easier (for me) to support different combinations of channels (and perhaps lengths in the future).


I released an update to HouseCurve over the weekend. It contains some features that Volumio users have asked me about in the past:

  • Saved measurements can be exported as impulse responses. Go to Plot Setup → Saved Measurements and press Select. Choose the measurements you want and press export. You can then load the impulse into tools like REW, etc.
  • Filter impulse responses are now 500 ms long, with the number of samples depending on rate. This should significantly reduce processor usage, especially on a Raspberry Pi, etc.

Please reach out if you have any questions, and don’t be shy about posting in this topic. Enjoy :slight_smile:


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What a difference!
measured from 4 different positions in my room and let HouseCurve do the math, uploaded the text file in Fusion DSP, made some minor changes to map my listening position and voila! Turning the new setting on and off from the playback interface > you have to create a new preset and give that one a new name.

Congrats and thanks to the developers, it is worth every penny!

Used HouseCurve on my iPhone
And have a 2.1 setup with a tube amplifier, Wharfedale Denton’s 85th and a SVS SB1000 Pro

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I got arounds the clipping of Airplay doing the sweeps with Bluetooth into Volumio. With Sine it works after 2-3 tries. With Pink noise right away. Is Bluetooths sq good enough for measurement?

If you’re playing music via Bluetooth, then I think it would be fine. If you intend to use other sources, I might not rely on it for measurements… bluetooth sq is iffy. I’m surprised pink noise works but the sweep doesn’t. Your system might still be clipping, pink noise could be hiding it.

The FusionDSP plugin has a toolkit that includes the HouseCurve sweep file (scroll to the bottom of the FusionDSP settings, add toolkit, select sweep to play). You could try that for measurements (put HouseCurve in external sweep mode).

Hmm ok. thank you. will try.

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I installed the extra tools in fusiondsp and after doing that it’s reindexing my complete music library 🫣

That’s weird. I believe the sweep files from FusionDSP appear as an album, maybe that’s why? You could ask the folks over on FusionDsp : the complete Dsp center for Volumio3!.

That aside, were you able to measure and make a room correction filter?


Just sharing that an update to HouseCurve went out on the weekend (v4.2.0). This adds some microphone controls that users asked about in the past:

  • Choose which iPhone / iPad mic is used for measurements.
  • Force HouseCurve to use the iPhone / iPad mic. (some USB DACs appear as input and output to the iPhone / iPad).
  • Input status shows USB device names.


Hi YES I was able to measure my room correctly with this feature.

Hi Greg, I have a Hegel Amp which never clips using Airplay. I remember reading somewhere that Hegel applies a workaround to control volume internally, whereas Airplay protocol apparently dictates volume to be applied at the sending device. Could this be a hint for you?

For ios I can recommend Owlfiles. It integrates well with ios Files. I had no issues with file transfers to Volumio. Hope it helps
thank you

Worked like a charm. I think :slight_smile: I created L+R conv. filter in HouseCurve. FusionDSP however asks separate filters for L and R. So I just loaded same filter file for L and R. Does ot matter?

Is there an alternative to rephase for Mac users? Is there any point if I have a perfectly symmetrical room and am free to place my “triangle” where I please?
Thank you


When new audio files are installed by Tools, the database is updated and a new ‘FusionDsp’ album appears in your library. The update should only take a few seconds.

Yes, you can select the same file.If the wav file contains 2 channels, the first one is L and the second is R. But I never check it. Can you share your file to test?

Hello, thank you. that’s good news. How do I share a wav file here?:roll_eyes:

I added wav as authorized file now. Please retry

it won’t let me.

“ Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

retry please :wink: