Rivo connection trouble

Hello Volumio Friends :slightly_smiling_face:

I have just received a brand new Volumio Rivo streamer. It is going to play with a Merason Frerot DAC via Supra Excalibur USB. My plan is to use the Volumio 3 music app.

But I`m having a problem. I have installed everything. The Rivo/Volumio 3 app can see my Merason Frerot DAC. But then it lock the system with the message: “The selected output device is not avaliable”

I have tried to Connect a standard USB cable. But it does not solve it. I have restartet. Changed back to Factory settings. But it just does not work! :face_with_head_bandage:

Is there anyone who can help me to get it solved!?

Thank You in anvance.

Best Regards. DENMARK

You’re entitled to premium support form Volumio. The community can’t support these kind of questions.

Please raise a support ticket here.

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Hello Wheaten

I have done that. But haven’t heard anything yet.

Has anyone else the combination of Merason and Volumio?

Reason for me asking is that I wish to know if the Merason Frerot is compatible with the Volumio?

Best regards


Support will connect with you asap.

Those “Audiophiles” USB cables are often out-of-spec and create problems, could you please try with a standard cable for connecting your DAC?

Hi Darmur

Thank You for Your response.

Its not the USB cable that is causing the problem. Have also tried using a standard printer cable. Same result. So the issue is elsewhere.

As I have been using the Merason Frerot with the Innuos PULSEmini - 100% stable without any issues the Merason isn’t the problem either. For this particular reason I suspect two things:

1: The Merason Frerot isn’t compatible with Volumio for some reason?
2: I have received a faulty Volumio Rivo? (Had external antennas so I can conclude that its from the 1-3 batch)


This is Davide from tech support.
We can continue to make progress on your open ticket by gathering all the necessary information to delve deeper into the issue. Kindly respond to my ticket comment, and I will pose additional technical questions to aid in our investigation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

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Davide :+1:

The dealer and I have decided to return the Rivo. This to see if its a faulty Rivo since it won’t work.

Until then I have a simple question that I hope You can answer Davide?

1: Is the Merason Frerot DAC compatible with Volumio?

If so the Rivo isn’t faulty! Therefore I’m placing this simple question.

Thank You in advance.

Likely because it is Amanero based.
No need to check the following as Volumio will support the DAC, but without DSD (DAC does not support it).

[edited: following not applicable]
In case you can give us the vender id and product id, it can be checked.
For that you need to have the DAC connected, then ssh into the Rivo and do

lsusb -t

or provide a log with the DAC connected (How to provide a log)

With lsusb, the vendor and product id are in xxxx:xxxx format.
With the log we will find it.

I haven’t the Rivo streamer as it is on its way back to the dealer here in Denmark. So I can`t provide info for now

I thought it was supposed to be plug and play! I have owned streamers from SOtM, Lumin and Innuos. No issues. Don`t know if I will give the Rivo another chance? One issue often follows another issue. Have to give this some serious thought :thinking:

It is plug and play with nearly all USB Class 2 DACs, as long as DSD is not concerned. For DSD, the DAC needs to be registered into the usb audio driver (many are, some are not).
In your case there is no DSD, so be assured, the DAC will work.

Thanks gkkpch

As I read Your posts You say it should work. The one I have returned to the dealer did not work with the Merason

My questions as follows:

Do You think it was an unlucky issue with the Rivo I have send back to my dealer? And if I receive another Rivo it will work out of the box?

BTW. Do You work at Volumio?

No, i’m a community contributer.
I have hardly seen any USB DAC which did not work with the standard linux usb audio driver.
The Merason appears to be based on an Amanero interface, there are several DACs using this and they work fine.

My suspision is that the issue is on the Rivo I received. As I read Your posts another Rivo unit would most likely not have this issue. Is this conclusion correctly understood?

Only a log could have shown what happened, pity none were made.
Please remember for a next time, otherwise it will just remain guess work.

I can see that a log could have made a difference. If I am to try the Rivo again I have to have 100% reassurance that the Rivo will work flawlessly with my Merason DAC. Best case scenario is that its going to be plug and play without need of tecnical support as the Innuos PULSEmini has been.

You will not get this guarantee from the Volumio community members as the community forum, you need to clear this with the Volumio company.

As you own one, you are entitled to free premium support from the company directly, just open a ticket here and explain your issue.

I do not exspect You to give me the reassurance gkkpch :wink:

Im hoping that Volumio can give me 100% reassurance that Merason and Rivo can work flawlessly together? Otherwise its pointless as I think it should be plug and play as with the other streamers I have owned until now.

As for now my dealer in Denmark is going to receive the Rivo I had on Monday. Then We will find out if it was a faulty unit?

Until then it would be nice though if Volumio could give me 100% reassurance that it will work out with the Merason ?

It would be nice if Volumio help center could answer this question. I have been placing this both on email and here on the community. Now I will place it again in hope of an answer!

It is a simple Yes/No question

Can Volumio give me 100% reassurance that Merason and Rivo can work flawlessly?