Rivo connection trouble


Please be aware that our support specialist can answer you during normal business hours, and not on weekends.

From what I’ve understood, you were requested to provide some further information via the email exchanges you’ve had with our support specialists, which unfortunately you did not provide.

So, it’s really really difficult to provide an answer to your question without such information.

This is because, although Rivo has been designed to work with ANY USB DAC which follows UAC 2.0 specifications, we don’t know how the Merason DAC is designed, nor we’ve ever tested it. And on top of that we can’t troubleshoot anything without knowing other details (did you have other devices plugged in into your Rivo, if you used other PSU, how the DAC is being fed etc).

So, it’s not a simple YES\NO answer as you suggest, but in this case it’s more a global system troubleshooting that shall be performed.

From our experience, we had just 3 cases of non-working DACs with Rivo (on the thousands that we shipped). One was due to an “Audiophile” grade USB cable (changing it solved the issue), another one was too many devices connected to USB (which made impossible for Rivo to provide all the necessary power, coupled with a really power-hungry DAC) and the third one was a faulty Rivo.

We really want our customers to have the best experience possible, but sometimes helping requires us to know informations which might seem at first sight not important from a customer perspective, but in fact they are crucial especially when our product shall work with third party products.


Thank You for Your assistance. It makes sense and I can see it from Your point of view. It’s only because I really wish that the Rivo will work in my setup.

My setup is quite simple:

Integrated Amplifier: Norma Revo IPA-70B
D/A Converter: Merason Frerot incl. Merason pow1
Streamer: Volumio Rivo / Innuos PULSEmini
Loudspeakers: Chario Aviator Cielo

As You can see there is a lot of Italian HiFi in my setup :wink:

I will wait and see what my dealer says about the return Rivo unit. Then I will consider if we shall give it another go. In that case I will use Your technical support to (hopefully) solve the issue.

@DENMARK Yeah you really have a nice setup, and not only because there’s a lot of Italy in it :wink:

Rest assured that we’ll take good care of you. First thing tomorrow I’ll sync with our tech support and see if there’s something obvious from the info that we have.

There’s no obvious reason why Rivo won’t work with your DAC, and the fact that it’s recognized means that it’s working with it. What happens is that it gets disconnected shortly after being recognized, and this is what we have to identify.

If in the meantime you can reply to the questions asked by our support specialist, this will allow us to serve you at our best. Let us know!

Thanks a lot :+1:


This is concerning the ticket GDSC-1876 that you opened.
I’ve compiled a list of questions that have not received responses.
To make progress and gain a deeper understanding of the issues, it’s essential that we collaborate closely with you.

I kindly request that you review the email I sent you and reply directly to it.
Posting on the forum is not the most effective way to address these issues, as information can become fragmented and potentially lost along the way.

We are committed to providing the best and quickest assistance possible, but it hinges on the customer adhering to our specific requests.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Thank You for Your reply.

I`m waiting to hear from the dealer here in Denmark. I have returned the Rivo to find out if its a faulty unit I have received? Until I have heard from my dealer I will consider if I proceed with Rivo or not?

My hopes are that I have been unlucky to receive a faulty unit :wink: We’ll see!


I’m here and ready to assist with any further help you may require.
Feel free to reach out whenever you need.


Heard from the dealer today. It was a defective Rivo unit I had received. Same problem at the dealer as in my setup.

So now I’m looking forward to receive a full functional Rivo in a couple of days :+1: