REV5 - Palani Acoustic DIY HiFi Streamer

What a nice player.
Is there any chance that U could do another one? What are the costs?

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hello, thank you very much :slight_smile: yes i can do that, i would be very happy to do that, designing and making enclosures ect. :slight_smile:

Everything was supposed to fit into my originally designed housing. well, what can i say, the child grew during the construction :slight_smile:
the design has evolved during the build time, so i am quite happy to build a new one :slight_smile:

Wooden placeholder

Ok. Can you tell me the price?:thinking:

Good morning to all 🙂

I’ve made some progress with my streamer project and have now finished the side panels with copper. There is also an air inlet and outlet grille on the side. The upper cover is made of acrylic glass, which I lacquered at the edge, and the inner life is engraved on the pane 🙂

The cable at the back is only a temporary solution until I have finished the back wall…

Have fun, and whoever likes it can leave a like or a subscription, I would be very happy 🙂

Have a good start into the day…

@Tycobb simply write to me :wink:


Really Great ,
But there are still some things I’m missing .
2. Digital In- and Outputs.

but there is an MS SSD installed :wink:

I’m sorry ,
but somehow I’ve overseen this .

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To the right of the blue capacitors, the one with the cooling fins…

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this is a piece of art and engineering! congratulations @Aiello

many thanks for the flowers :slight_smile:

Hi community :slight_smile: Built a new case for my DiY DAC, now with wood, carbon and chrome mix, inside again in copper :slight_smile: Hope you like it :slight_smile: … Have a nice evening …


Great project !

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That looks really great!

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I’m really proud to have helped a bit in this project !
Congratulations, @Aiello , this is a wonderful piece of art !!

Did you design the PCB for the Power supply side yourself?

I afford myself to answer in place of Aiello, as this PCB is the help I was talking about.
So I designed it a few years ago (see my post : My high-end streamer), and Aiello contacted me a few months ago to get help in this.

In fact, this PCB is here mainly to help on the overall assembly. No huge electronic on it, it’s just here to avoid many wire between the different board I decided to integrate, and make something (almost) clean.


Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
Small video about my DiY Dac & Streamer…which runs like a power tank completely on LifePO4 batteries…
And everything packed in two cases :slightly_smiling_face:
Still under construction; and I still have to finalise a few things .


Wow! How come I missed this!

Fantastic work @Aiello!

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hehe many thanks to the Volumio team
I would look forward to becoming a subscribe from volumio on youtube :slight_smile: