REV5 - Palani Acoustic DIY HiFi Streamer

Hello dear community :slight_smile:

After reading and learning a lot here, I also had to build myself an enclosure :slight_smile:
The streamer runs under rpi4 4gb , 7.9 Touch, a power supply that powers everything individually, a clone of Allo Boss DAC…so nothing wild yet :slight_smile:

I will upgrade the components in time, of course I will also work on new designs of enclosures, I could already build the next one, it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Today i finished the back wall with the connection terminals
An illuminated sign has been installed on top…

Have fun looking…Aiello




Awesome. How did you attach the display to the front panel?

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I cut all the parts with my laser, and the front consists of a carrier front and a visible front.

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I still have to correct something in the title line


Hi, what kind of laser do you use ? LED or CO2 ?
I’ve an Sculpfun S10 - is it possible with that one ?

Best Regards

Edit: im quite new to lasers….

DIY C02 LAser 1600x1400mm travel :slight_smile:

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Ah ok - think i have to move to a CO2 also….

Thank you

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i built a new case, with slot in cd, and bigger lcd :slight_smile:


you made something beautiful, I love it!

thank you very much…will improve it further

phase 2 has started, new parts :slight_smile:

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I see you’ve been lining the pockets of IanCanada!

His stuff is very good.

yes i think they are the best parts you can get

EMC/EMI shielding copper mods…


EMC/EMI shielding copper mods

EMC/EMI shielding copper mods…

been at work again :hammer_and_wrench: :blush:

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Here and at DIYAudio, I see,

Great work, and compliments from the master!

@ Yatsushiro Yes, it was like a knighthood for me :slight_smile:

the LifePo4s have arrived :slight_smile:

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Inner covers ready…unfortunately it doesn’t fit in the back of my built case by 7-5 mm anymore…but not too bad, as I wanted to design a new one anyway :slight_smile: