Raspberry Pi5 - NVMe M2 Boot (Pineberry Pi HatDrive!)


I replaced older Pi with Pi5 because I want to use boot from M2 disk.

I ordered Pineberry HatDrive!

I choose bottom version because have new not used GIGABYTE NVMe disk in 2280 format and… I want to use cooler maybe with fan.

I don’t have it at home because they should start shipping in a few days but I want to be prepared. I have fresh Volumio copy on M2 disk and wait.

The project’s creators give tips:

Enabling NVMe

If you do not intend to use your NVMe drive as a boot drive you need to enable the external PCIe port on the Pi 5:

Edit the boot config file (sudo nano /boot/config.txt)

Add dtparam=nvme to the bottom of the file, save it, and reboot

PCIe Gen 3 can be enabled with an additional config entry:


and for boot:

  1. Ensure your system is up to date. This is crucial since old firmware revisions do not support booting from NVMe. Execute those commands in your terminal: sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade
  2. Reboot your Pi with: sudo reboot
  3. Edit the EEPROM on the Raspberry Pi 5. sudo rpi-eeprom-config --edit
  4. Change the BOOT_ORDER line to the following: BOOT_ORDER=0xf416
  5. Add PCIE_PROBE to enumerate over the PCIe bus: PCIE_PROBE=1
  6. Press Ctrl-O, then enter, to write the change to the file.
  7. Press Ctrl-X to exit nano (the editor).
  8. Reboot your Pi with: sudo reboot
  9. If you have your NVMe drive connected you can use Raspberry Pi Imager to install a fresh copy of the os. After doing so you can power off your board and remove the SD Card. Your Pi will now boot from the NVMe drive.

Should I take the same steps on Volumio ??

Volumio image for RPi probably won’t boot if flashed on NVME.

The image is meant to boot from SD-card only, USB boot also doesn’t work

It is very sad. Has this been checked (PCI boot) ??

It’s not being checked, when we got the Raspberry Pi 5 sample the PCIE-HAT was not available yet

One thing to add: even if it doesn’t work now, it doesn’t mean it will never work in the future… but of course no guarantee and no ETA yet

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I’ll probably be the first to test it.

The hat connects through USB no? So just plugin an USB connected NVME?

No, Hat Drive! is connected via PCIe ribbon cable :

here is bottom version :

you can put it on bottom of Pi5 or mount it behind like on piture.

here is top version, only for 2230 and 2242 M.2 disk :

Ahh nice. I think i need one then:)

Here is Pineberry site:

and here is TomsHardware article:

I still wait:

" ## Thank you for your purchase!

We’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent. "

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Today I will prepare my Volumio transport for HatDrive!,

Probably LAN will be between USB and Coax sockets and M2 parallel to XMOS card.

Maybe I rotate Pi about 90 degrees if ribbon cable will be enough.


I talked via mail with Pineberry owners. Nice people who, despite focusing on projects, had time to respond to e-mails, it was unexpected for me.

If you are interested with M.2 drive and good sound quality from Volumio in one… wait for January !!!



I have package

I will try with Volumio.

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I’m going to try the Pimoroni one, I like the idea of ​​it being the base of the raspberry and it’s also much cheaper. I will try to see if it is possible to place it on the base of the official box with a slot to pass the cable through.

Hi all,
I got Pimoroni NVMe Base last week, it works great on my RPi5 and M.2 256GB SSD.
Best part of it it’s RPi5 base and don’t disturb active fan.

Have you got it booting Volumio OK.
What are the boot times like and most importantly does it improve the Volumio music search any ?

At the moment it is only possible to boot volumio from the SD card.

I try to find info about port for external PSU for NVMe in Pimoroni. On HatDrive! I have double pin for + and double pin for - . It’s necessary because my 2TB NVMe need over 2A and… 5A PSU is not enough for Pi5 with HAT and LCD.

Now I preparing external PSU for NVMe and start play with M.2 disk.

Currently the only way to run Volumio from NVMe is using berryboot, however berryboot itself still boots from SD.

I will check it for experiment. My Volumio is still powered on and I don’t need to wait for power on.

First I want use Volumio with M.2 hat like a home media server but I built NAS with Samba on Pi4.Now I bought another one Pi5 8M and will use with HatDrive on this server.

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