Replacing PI's SD card

I am considering replacing the PI’s SD card with a SSD, has anyone else done this successfully?
If so, what hardware would you recommend, I have limited space?

For what ?? Like a music library or for boot ??

If for boot in my topic:

I have aswer:

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Thanks for the reply. Yes it was to boot from, mainly to have a more robust system, I am fed up with having to rebuild my Music Player system when I get an unexpected power cut.
Either that or a UPS !

I have access to the SD Card from the outside of the RPI’s enclosure.
If things happen to get corrupted due to a power outage etc, Just pop out the card and replace with a pre written spare and you are up and running again in minutes.

The next day I will just re-write the corrupted card from a backup image I have stored on my main PC. That SD Card then just gets stored as the spare.

SSD’s along with any media storage that is in-use can become corrupted on a power outage, so may not make the situation any better. A good back-up / restore plan is always the best option.

I was planning on having the same backup SD card plan as you describe as my next stage, but not there yet!

Unfortunately my PI is buried inside my homemade Audio Preamp so not very accessible. The SD card also includes some Python scripts to read the MPD music title and artist and pass it to the Preamp Controller to display, so a little more than just Volumio with its configuration. I am still rebuilding it since the last unexpected Mains failure, for some reason I can’t get the Python service to run !

When you have finished rebuilding and got it working as youd like it. Image the card with something like acronis true image. Then rebuilding your system only takes minutes ( other than dismantling to get the card out of course)

I have similarly remote RPi’s. I use these to present the SD slot to the outside world:

SD Extension

If you go this way, keep the extension as short as possible, and pay attention to the supported SD’s, as these are a massive contributor to errors.