Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ is 512MB ram enough to run Volumio?

I’m the process of setting up a new Pi for Volumio. Trying to keep up with my addiction of buying vintage amps!

Currently, I have a 3B+ and regular 3 with a DAC on each and I have not noticed any difference in performance. The 3B+ has 1.4GHz CPU v’s the 3 with 1.2GHz. They both have 1GB of ram.

These are both running in Hifiberry cases so all is well. For the new build I’ve made a custom case with a touchscreen mounted on the front.

Things are getting a bit tight in there with a 3 size model so when I spotted the 3 A+ (which has the dimensions of a Pi 1A+) I thought it could be a good candidate. It has the same 1.4GHz CPU as the 3B+ but only 512 MB of ram.

Only other difference I can see is that there is only 1 USB (instead of 4) and no ethernet. I can totally live with that. Will never use ethernet and never fit more than one usb device (mostly never use usb). Here’s a comparison of all Pis (tip you can remove the cols you do not need).

I use my Volumio/pis to mainly play internet radio and occasionally I stream apple music to it. I don’t have a library stored on a NAS or anything.

So I guess the question is, will things run fine with 512 MB of ram bearing in mind it will be running the Touch screen plugin but not browsing libraries of music?

Sorry, just found this - RPi 3 A+; will it run Volumio?

this - volumio on Raspberry PI 3 A+

and this - Volumio on RPi 3 A+

For some reason I only found those via google and not in forum search.

So seems it’s fine. Worth the €25 to try it out. Will report back on my findings. Cheers

I run Volumio on a RPI2

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I’m also running on RPi3A+, performance are something in between RPi0 and RPi3B+, more close to the second one. I’m also running with DSi touchscreen, performance are acceptable to me

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I am running volumio on a Pi Zero (W) in the garage via wifi.
Which also has 512MB RAM. (I think)

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I also have a Volumio running on an old RPI I with a HifiBerry DAC. It works very well, sometimes a bit sluggish. But it works fine.


Thanks everyone for sharing. Good to know you don’t have to buy the most powerful Pi to run Volumio.

My Pi 3 A+ arrived today. I’ve set it up with an innomaker DAC and an osoyoo 5" touchscreen. Been listening to internet radio all afternoon and it’s working a treat. Can’t comment on how it runs local files from a NAS though as that’s not something I do. I’m not even using the 1 USB port. Keen to test a Pi zero next - probably without a screen though.

I love the form factor of the 3A. It’s so much easier to work with than previous builds where I used a 3B or 3B+. Dunno why I never even knew they existed. I guess I had in my head I needed to buy the latest model (these were b4 the 4 came out). I’m keen to try building something with a pi zero next.

Total build

Pi 3 A+ €31,29
OSOYOO 5 Inch TFT Capacitive Touch Screen DSI €49,99
Inno Maker, PCM5122 DAC €29,00

Total = €110.28

Plus a power supply, a few cables, 16Gb SD card and a wooden case I made myself. I’m working on the front plate now which I plan to buy from www.schaeffer-ag.de (current estimate is around €40). So despite being on the budget side this build is still adding up.

At the moment, it’s sitting on top of a Cyrus 3 playing through a pair of Epos ES11s, sounds sweet - got that 90s hi-fi vibe going :yum:

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