Volumio on RPi 3 A+

Hi, all, am new to here. But I was playing with Volumio on RPi for some time. Following is the way to setup WiFi on a RPi 3 A+ with fresh Volumio (2019-02-18) installed, for anyone only listens music over Wifi, and now with a standalone USB uses full bandwidth on RPi.


  • RPi 3 A+ with a fresh Volumio installation
  • HDMI display / TV
  • USB keyboard
  • A decent RPi power supply

Some Linux experiences will help.


  1. Connect display, keyboard then power.
  2. Get the SSID of the WiFi you will connect your RPi to.
  3. After boot up, login using volumio / volumio .
  4. Create / edit file /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf , using following command
sudo nano /etc/wpq_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

Type following content in the file

ctrl_interface=/var/run/wpa_supplicant network={ scan_ssid=1 ssid="your_wifi_ssid" psk="your_wifi_passphrase" priority=1 }
Replace your_wifi_ssid with the WiFi SSID.
Replace your_wifi_passphrase with your WiFi passphrase.

  1. Run following command to create a “mark” file to tell the system WiFi is configured
echo ' ' > /data/configuration/netconfigured
  1. Reboot

Done. After boot up, you should be able to access your Volumio installation at volumio.local .

Next, connect your USB DAC to the only USB port of your RPi 3 A+. Select it as output device. Setup your music library and enjoy.

I am using RPi 3 A+ with my old Sony PHA-2, connected via iFi iSilencer 3.0, powered by iFi iPower, pairing with DT1350. Sounds great enough to put my portable DAPs aside :slight_smile: