Raspberry Pi 3 Model 3+Schiit Modi 3+, Can't Find DAC In Set-Up?

I d/l’ed Volumio V. 2.861 (12/22/20) to a Raspberry Pi 3-Model B V1.2 initially, ran the initial system set-up. All is well until I select the “Audio Output Device”. My understanding from Schiit customer service is their Modi3+ should be shown in Volumio’s list of DAC’s to select.

My set-up choices:
“I Have An I2S DAC” — No
“Select Your Audio Output” — HDMI Out/Headphones/Hifiberry DAC

Question - should I not be able to see a selection choice for “USB” here, as well? Logic would dictate that this is the case, as I have no intention on using any of the options selected to connect to the Modi 3+.

Per Schiit tech support, their DAC should be listed by Volumio as an option. I thought maybe the Raspberry Pi Model 3 may not be supported by Volumio, so I purchased a new Raspberry Pi 4, 4 GB RAM. Same effect.

I’ve noted other users on this forum stating they have successfully set-up both The Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 with the Schiit Modi 3+ DAC quite satisfactorily. Any ideas?

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I am having same issue. I believe I have a Pi 3 and was hoping that I could just plug USB into my Schiit Modi. Any fix would be appreciated.

Any resolve on this?. My pi4 once saw modi 3. Now it does not. Reinstalled new os. Same deal. Im miffed.