Raspbarry PI 3 USB DAC

Good morning… i love Volumio… thank’s to the team!
Question… can i use the raspbarry pi 3 whitout DAC i2C but use my USB Denon’s dac?

There are a few Denons in the USB DAC Compatibility List.

My Denon PMA 1600ne there isn’t into list but with volumio 3 on beelink bt3 it’s all right. Now for my second HiFi system I’m interesting to use raspberry pi3b QC 1,2 GHz 1gb ram … It’s a good hardware?

it seems only pc / mac support at denon…

Ok… Now I’ll buy this from Amazon.

better go pi4 2gb same price…

Please add it to the compatibility list then. :wink:

Your RPi3 (don’t know what you meant by QC) should run Volumio fine, but personally I would think twice about using it with a USB DAC (usb and ethernet handled by the same components … have a Google). Having said that, people do use such a combination. This potential problem has been sorted on the RPi4.

Can you post the link to buy?

it seems that the price in italy is a bit higher around 60/70 euro…

here a link in my country see the difference :

QC, probably quad core?