Radio station logos and folder covers

  1. How can I add or change radio station logos?
  2. In the Music Library, only one cover is displayed on a USB flash drive. How do I make the rest of the folders have covers?
  3. When playing from Spotify and Spotify connect 2, the bitrate is different. Why?

For album art, please check in sources settings

You can also add a picture named “folder.jpg” in the album folder. It will be used.
For radio art, it depends on what the radio send…
And for Spotify, there is no stream difference, but one display the sample rate (44.1KHz) and the other the bitrate… ok, not consistent :wink:

In the cover settings, everything is set up like this. I tried to put a photo with the name in the folder folder.jpg it didn’t help. Only the tracks have become covered, but the folder is not. Radio stations that are added independently and are not musical, or the cover is determined incorrectly, or very small and crumble when you zoom in, or are not determined at all. I would like to assign the logo for some of them myself.

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You a folder image when browsing your lib, with sub folder. Use browsing by album or artist instead

I have the same question. My favorite radio station is not listed anywhere on Volumio, so I had to add the stream link manually. But it does not pickup any art, not even the station logo.

So I would love to be able to edit this myself… Please, Volumio, have a look in this… :wink:

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And, please, Volumio, at least let us know, how do you think about this. Even NO, we are no going to do it, is an answer.

We now have cleared to you, that this is happening and that it is out of our reach to change anything about it. So the only one, who can help us with this problem, are the devs.

This is not about folders, it is about webradios, and there we can’t add pictures, there is no place to enter them.
Please, make it possible :wink:

Please put this in a feature request, individual posts in some thread don’t really help.
They are read once or twice and a couple of days later no one remembers, unless they pop up another time.

Thanks :wink:

Well, I did post a feature request.

It immediately get answered with links to some shady workarounds, which will break OTA functionality and closed, so I even can’t react.

Well, that’s not, what we need.

  1. Not even giving the chance to talk about it is just rude.
  2. Offering workarounds, which break basic functionality should not be the way at all.

So, what can I do now? Getting a bit desperate on this…

Sorry about that – unfortunately workarounds is all you can do until a Volumio dev puts this onto their priority list… :slight_smile:

Have moved your posts over to the older feature request WebRadio - add coverart and more fields
Please feel free to continue the discussion over there!

PS: also renamed it so it gets picked up easier in searches next time!

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Thank you, @ashthespy