Qobuz - track version and availability info not visible in Volumio browser

I recently switched from TIDAL to Qobuz. I’m mostly very happy, but there’s one problem that’s annoying me.

Version information in brackets after a title is not showing in the Volumio browser. For example:

Similarly in the Qobuz Windows app unavailable tracks are shown greyed out, but in Volumio there’s no indication:

This one is particularly annoying because if you try to play an unavailable track you then can’t play anything else without restarting Volumio.

I guess this is most likely not a problem with Volumio but the data supplied in the Qobuz API. But I haven’t been able to find anything about it in the forums or documentation so was wondering if there’s a solution I’ve missed?


I have also noticed that trying to play an unavailable track in qobuz will resilt in a bricked Volumio . As I understood from @volumio this Is not a prioritty to fix it …is an annoying bug .

Fair enough! It’s taken me a month to notice, so it’s not really a big problem.

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It would be nice if Volumio could be designated as a target for the Qobuz app.
But that would require it to be considered as a “Chromecast”.

Maybe we can start a poll on Qobuz to ask them to accept other destination formats and not only Chromecast ?

That would allow to have better Qobuz experience and would get a monkey off Volumio’s back as they won’t have to work on that part anymore ?


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Qobuz are developing their own Connect-function (same as Spotify & Tidal has) and from other threads on the same matter the info is that Volumio is in contact with Qobuz to implement it when available.

That will probaly improve connection and allow spreading of that function.
Good to know :slight_smile:

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Can you let us know the offending track? (with steps on how to play it, example, Playlists → Qobuz selection → Playlist name → Track Name

Also, please provide a log. This has to be fixed

@Wheaten I guess you remember that we have discuses din the past about volumio not being able to work if we try to play a song from qobuz which is not available and you also reproduce it … Would you please help me , I can not find the post…

I just tried track Shiver by Fever Ray which is marked unavailable in the Qobuz Android app. Logs at

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Apologies, forgot to add Qobuz → Artist - Fever Ray → Album - Radical Romantics → Track - Shiver

can’t find it either :confused:

Maybe this thread? @Lintbf

Exactly @Wolfman74 As you see @volumio this is on your Todo List …

This is now fixed. If the track is not available, it will not be shown.

To have this fix in place, simply restart your system (no need to update)

Thanks for reporting


What if the track is in a playlist I created in the past? I can’t tell if it’s showing or not, because I don’t know which track it is, but if I click on tracks in the beginning of the playlist they play normally, but tracks at the end of the playlist - when I click on them, some other random track starts playing instead (unless I click on the 3 dots and select play manually).