Pulseaudio-dlna, pavucontrol won't recognize volumio 3.198 on ubuntu

apologies if i’m missing something very obvious but i’ve successfully set up volumio on my raspberrypi. i can see and connect to the volumio device on my phone and other airplay devices just fine. [edit:] I have already installed the spotify connect plugin and that works fine from my phone. however, i’d like to be able to use my desktop spotify app (ubuntu 20) to connect to volumio. more specifically, i want to be able to route my desktop audio to volumio.

i read that pulseaudio-dlna + pavucontrol are currently the best ways to achieve this with an ubuntu desktop, however pulseaudio never discovers volumio. even when i attempt to do:

pulseaudio-dlna --create-device-config 

it just generates a blank json file.

i’ve tried using a few other flags like, --host, --renderer-url but it never discovers volumio.

iv read the other relevant posts re: pulseaudio-dlna but none of them seem to have the same issue of pulseaudio-dlna not detecting volumio.

any and all advice or suggestions are more than welcome. thanks for reading!

Simply install the plugin Spotify connect in Volumio and connect from Spotify app…

sorry if i wasn’t clear, but I already have the spotify connect plugin installed and enabled. That’s how im connecting from my phone and other devices. However, I can’t connect while on the ubuntu spotify desktop app. i can’t select volumio as an output device on the desktop either.

any suggestions? pulseaudio-dlna even discovered my tv, but has yet to discover volumio. i can select my tv from the list of output items on the desktop, but not volumio.

Since DLNA is related to UPnP it maybe has something to do with the current UPnP problems in the latest version of Volumio Audirvana Studio no longer sees VOLUMIO 3 since update 3.198 - #3 by volumio

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Thanks wolfman, i think this is what’s going on since other devices are detected.