Audirvana Studio no longer sees VOLUMIO 3 since update 3.198

I use Audirvana Studio in UPNNP to VOLUMIO 3 with DIGIONE.
Everything was stable and working fine. Thank you for the work done.
This morning, everything was working fine with the version of December 20, 2021.
I updated this afternoon to version 3.198 of January 24, 2022.
Since this update, Audirvana Studio no longer sees Volumio.
I kept the latest version 2 on one of my SDCARDs. I tested it and Audirvana sees Volumio well.
Do you have an idea of the problem ?
I can’t find the earlier version of 20/12/2021 in order to reinstall it. Please give me a link.
I thank you in advance.

Same issue here with Audirvana, Mcconnect and Bubble upnp.
Smooth with the elder version, gone with the update.

We got some reports that Volumio appeared as a duplicate entry in Many UPNP clients.
So we disabled UPNP\AV Discovery.

This seems to have broken Mconnect and some other UPNP clients.

But it’s fine here with Bubble UPNP.

Anyway, fix is underway (we will revert the previous fix)

Same problem with bubbleupnp server after update.

Good news that you are on this, is an update fix imminent? If not could you perhaps provide a link to the previous version in the interim?

Voici le lien :

Merci beaucoup

That fixed it. Hopefully an update to the latest version won’t be long.

Does 3.233 upgrade fix this issue? Checking before I upgrade.

yes it does

In Volumio 3.233, music playback from Tidal / mConnect / Volumio-UPnP / AV stops after each track.
Can anybody help me solve this problem?