PUBLIC BETA TEST:New Volumio release with metadata discovery

Ladies and gentlemen,
Big day today! We are releasing a new feature which we have been working on for months: advanced music metadata browsing & discovery.

Basically: you will be able to read Artists and Albums stories, see who played what in which album and discover new interesting facts about your collection (for instance, I just discovered that Keith Richards played guitar in Rain Dogs, one of my favourite Tom Waits album).

This feature will be available shortly for everyone on MyVolumio Superstar plan. Before releasing it to the general public, we would like to involve you in a public beta test, to make sure everything is 100% working as it should.

How to participate to Beta Test:

If you don’t have a MyVolumio Superstar account, here you’ll find a coupon code (can be used 10 times) which will give 100% discount
on any Superstar duration.


If you find something not working: bugs, imperfections or something not working as it should. Please report it here.

I would take the chance to say thanks to anyone which contributed to make this release possible: Jo (for thinking about it, designing and actually making the cloud part of it), Bence from Ollalla Studio (for designing the amazing UI and coding it), Gkkpch, Balbuze, Ash, Giacomo, Monica, Stefano, Massimiliano and all Volumio team members which do awesome things for this project.

Some screenshots for you:

I’m very interesting.i have activate a test raspberry and myvolumio with your coupon (thanks), now I have update.

In this weekend try and testing hard a browsing function.

Thanks for your job.
Thanks for make opensurce for all

would love to try it… looks like more on your way to be a roon killer

thx so much!

Cool. I am now 1 year Superstar free subscribed user! Grazie Michelangelo! :smiley:

thanks so much
will try and report any bugs
but the coupon code had already been used over 10 times
so I can’t test the new function

Would love to test and report, I’ll be attentive to a new coupon if it were released. Greetings from Chile.

Guys, please post your findings, the sooner we understand that everything is right with this release, the sooner everyone will be able to enjoy it

Good job!
I am testing this excellent update, my library is very large and in any case the credits and other metadata are presented quickly and almost everywhere. At the moment I am testing this release with a Pi4, soon I will try it with a Thinkerboard.
It would have been useful to also have information relating to file type (FLAC, AIF, DSD, etc.) and sample rate alongside the year and duration.

Yes you are right. We will add those :wink:

:smiley: Ottimo!

I don’t know if this screen is deliberately what it looks like.
To get it I followed this path, from the left menu: Artists -> AC/DC -> (Click on the first album of list) -> click Home.
Schermata 2020-05-02 alle 11.46.16.jpg

Changes look great and have installed the test version but alas the code isn’t working :frowning:

Update went OK (hung at 80%, then completed out of sight). Try to upgrade MyVolumio to SuperStar but it wants money regardless of META_MAY_TEST_10

Now updated to SuperStar, all looks good. Additional sources show as expected, player continued to work well. Have to say I see no other major differences; if there’s metadata around, I’m not seeing anything extra when I look at my library…

Unfortunately all 10 coupons were already used…

Thanks a lot.
I just got the coupon code and upgrade to superstar account.
Everything works perfectly but can’t get metadata
no matter from Spotify or my music library.
My setup is Pi4

Where are you from?

Liking the credits, great addition to the app. Running Volumio on a Raspberry Pi3 and when running the Volumio iOS app the play icon in the middle of the album art is out of alignment.

Installed without issues. Works and the credits and other metadata is a great adition.


Sound quality seamed a bit lower. And there are several buttons and pop up messages without text (i have chosen portuguese language).

Can you post screenshots?