Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

Sure, look in the config file for initial-volume and set it something you feel safe with.
Btw, what type of mixer are you using?

hardware. i didn’t change it because it works even though i’m not sure if my topping d30 pro actually has hardware mixer.

First of all, I must say I like this plugin very much, and because of it I started a new all-in-one streamer project (with build-in amplifier) with a wide 1280x400 screen. And the outcome is very pleasing. If just for the original Peppy Meter, I wouldn’t be doing it. Not that the Peppy Meter is not good; the original Peppy Meter is very flexible, beautiful, but inevitably quite intimidating for laymen like me. I might upload some photos to share my happiness and the issues I encountered and how they were solved with the great help from 2aCD, after I finished this project.
For people who are using the new Allo Boss2 dac, this is it! I can’t help to openly thank 2aCD once again. He gave me this plugin and helped me to troubleshoot with his expertise and enthusiasm. You’re “genial”!

sorry. but what’s the name of the config file please?

.tmpl is usually the volumio notation for the template file. I believe it’s called volspotify.toml.tmpl

Looks like volumio can’t parse the volume correctly, and passes 0 to the plugin, that goes ahead and sets it to 0 as well. Either figure out what mixer you actually have, or just hard code a value into the file mentioned above…

First of all. Thanks for your hard work. This plugin is amazing. I enjoy a lot. I wonder if it´s possible this skin in 800x480

Hi femagon,
yes please select the custom_800. and set the screen resolution to 800x480 in the plugin.
Best regards

WOW!! It works. Thank you very much.

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Thank you much for PeppyMeter… incredible work.

Not just visual, but VU Meter also very responsive.

Why PeppyMeter not yet as regular Plugin (note to Volumio devs).

My experience:

  1. Upon 1st try installation of PeppyMeter, something got corrupted as per final restart, Volumio turned unresponsible and could unreachable from browser.

  2. After new Volumio flash install, PeppyMeter installed - as expected

  3. All mostly works, besides a minor scale issue - which cuts portion of the PeppyMeter; tried many ways, but scale/resolution is mostly not responsive to change (1920/1080)


Hi Xant,
thanks for your reply.
PeppyMeter is wrote in python pygame. This is needed to show smooth moves of needles with a high refresh rate.
Pygame write the screen buffer direct. Therefore absolute width and height values of screen buffer size needed. This values not scalable, that means, have you another screen resolution as the available meters, you can’t scale to your resolution. In the next version I have removed the separate resolution values and grab the values from the selected folder.
Then there is no more confusion. You select the right folder and that’s all.

At time the following screen resolutions are supported:
1280x400, 800x480, 480x320 and 320x240
and with additional background:
800x480, 1024x600, 1280x800, 1920x1080

Do you want another resolution, give me a hint, perhaps I can implement this.
Best regards

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Hi together,
I have update the plugin to version 1.1.0

the changes are:

  • add a new alsa configuration for buster. Two configuration now selectable:
    1. with an integration in the alsa pipeline (then DSD-files reformated to 192khz but all sources running with peppymeter
    1. separate mpd output for peppymeter (DSD-files native working, if you have a DSD-native compatible DAC, but online connect services [spotify connect, tidal connect] have no moving neddles)
  • no more separate screen resolution values are needed, the resolution is defined with the selected folder
  • some little UI-changes

!! Important !! Do you want update from a previous version of this plugin, please deinstall the old plugin at first and install the new downloaded plugin again

have fun


First of all, thank you for prompt reply.

I acknowledge your note regarding a “steady” background and high refresh rate for needles. Indeed!

That said, the “custom” resolution is misleading, as I tried many variants at no solution or change, but now clarified per your note.

Its “weird” that my “not so new” TV cutoff PeppyMeter at 1920 (which it was supposed to “be”, but cut).

So, now that you clarified… I do understand that might be on my “TV end”, and trying to adjust (TV settings seems dated, and still trying to figured out). That is, 1280x800 shows small, while 1920x1080 gets cut-out (any in the middle?).

I indeed appreciate your kind offering to adjust to “other non-standard” resolution (whatever it might be), but think it’s “futile”… ie, too much work for a resolution that it is NOT standard (and still trying to find-out).

Changing subject, the recent “bug” or whatever be, is that on Spotify (connected by plug-in), the needles doesn’t move (ie, not sure if Spotify plug-in problem, or Peppy). During Spotify, Peepy correctly shows all info (bit rate, etc), but no needle movement.


Hi @Xant,
For Volumio 2.x, all services which not use MPD as player needs to redirect the output device to peppyalsa. For Spotify Connect I have explained here:

and for Spotify here:

I think you have a full HD TV, the it‘s important to set it to input for PC without scale and use 1920x1080.

For a long time some TVs had a resolution of 1366x768 (half HD) but that was rare.

You can try with a laptop to find out what’s the right resolution but look at first to disable all scale on hdmi on the TV
best regards

Hey @2aCD

Thank you once again.

  1. Spotify
    That was eaaasy. Apologies as I confess not searching first…

  2. TV Resolution
    Still trying diff a no result. Did connected a laptop in PC port, and did got 1920x1080.
    But now understand that issue on my side (not PeppyMeter).
    If no solution, it cuts some, but I can “live with it…”.

  3. What is “”?
    I changed Volumio color highlight before, but then can not update regularly (as file modified), or have to change CSS color code everytime… (and no longer wishing this path).

Extra note:
At time, a red color started flicking on top-right corner of the screen. Upon get closer, noted be a “thermometer” icon. Hmmm… sure, figured out might be RPi4 getting hot.
My RPi4 has a small passive aluminum cooler on top of chip and no room for fan, as there is an Allo hat on top.
Try to improve vent, and “thermometer” no longer showing. But if so, will try to squeeze cooling fan hat in between…


Hi Xant,
with the you have many additional settings to change the appearance of standard views. Yes, if you have install this addition, you can’t update volumio, therefore I have also an uninstall script created. With this you can uninstall the addition and after Volumio update install it again.
Please look here at first:

To check the cpu temperature you can use

vcgencmd measure_temp

My PI4 with 1920x1080 display and PeppyMeter go to 65 grad Celsius, but it is vertical and without case with a small passive cooling.
Please look which temperature your cpu reaches.
Is it between 70 and 80 grad Celsius, then I think you need a bigger cooler.

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Hey @2aCD

All comments acknowledged. Thx.

Tracking temp, which now around ~60.C with PeppyMeter running. I removed some side casing, which might have improved passive cooling (and checking/tracking).

Hint to others:
% sudo watch /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp


In addition I’ll test this version of heatsink for a PI4,
it should fit under a DAC

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Very interesting this heatsink.

yes, I have order it as 3mm and 4mm version to look how it fit under a DAC