[PLUGIN] YouTube2

Thank you. All versions I look at say stable.
Is the beta version somewhere else?

  • Uninstall current version.
  • Enable “Plugins Test Mode” in http://<volumio address>/dev
  • Find the YouTube2 plugin in the plugin store. Click the Details button under it and choose latest beta version to install.
  • Restart Volumio.

All steps mandatory.


Legend worked perfectly. Thank you.

Works like a charm the beta version! I have 160 kbps sound coming out my setup… My question is: can I see the vid as well? I have the now playing plugin installed, but there you only see a static cover.

@Quanticus volumio doesn’t support video…

Pls. post in the thread for the plugin.

Dear colleagues,

I am a beginner to streamer play. I have installed the Volumio on RPi4B with Audiophonics Evo Sabre Q2M DAC box. It has worked very well for my purposes of music play from local files, radios and YouTube, too. But a few days ago, suddenly the YouTube streaming did not work (music search, screen show-up OK but no play, just stopped) though those local files and radios are still working very well. I checked the plugin, the YouTube2, which was version 1.1.5 and the plugin storage shows a button, Update, and so I tried to update. The screen showed successful update but not working again. When I checked the plugin again, there are 1.2.0(beta). 1.1.6(beta), 1.1.5(stable), 1.1.4 & 1.1.3(stable). I tried one by one from 1.1.3 to 1.2.0 but not working, too. When I tried to 1.1.6 and 1.2.0(beta), the installed version resulted in 1.1.5(stable). I produced a log file and found ‘error’ in YouTube keyword lines but I could not interpret. Help is needed, please.

My log file is following;

The plugin should be released as stable tonight or tomorrow.