[PLUGIN] YouTube Cast Receiver

For the YouTube2 plugin there is another thread, where you probably can find more information.

is the bitrate is set by google aka youtube,maybe youtube premium has a higher bitrate
and no it’s not a limit from the plugin it’s what they give is what you get…

Mine doesn’t work most of the time either, from android phone or the PC. Running the latest volumio. No test modes, no plug-in test modes.

Needs to be simplified all this, too many versions, test modes this and that.
I’d recommmend just using the old YouTube2 plugin which at least works - just copy and paste the youtube video or search in the volumio player.

ps. Didn’t have any luck with YouTube Music Plugin (onely worked with a certain older test version or something).

Could you also make plugin for debian/raspbian to install without volumio, only packages linux? Or how install this plugin in debian linux

In present this works for anyone? when i cast to volumio I get error failed with status 400. I have tried several vesions of volumio. On details, just one version of the plugin can be instaled (latest) how can I try older versions? any tips? thx

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Fixed in v1.0.6 (beta)

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@balbuze could you please promote v1.0.6 as stable and release it for all the variants?




I’m trying to use this plugin on my MiniDSP SHD.

The plugin list displays the correct version (1.0.6) but after clicking on details it only shows install for version 1.0.4 and installing with the button on the main list also installs the old (1.0.4) version which of course does not work.

Image from MiniDSP SHD Volumio UI

  1. Am I missing something on my end.
  2. Is this something that needs to be fixed on volumio’s end.
  3. Should I go and bug MiniDSP support to fix it or give me login info for the ssh access to my device for manual install (because of course they changed the default login).

Thanks for the help in advance.


PS.: I have the same issue with YTMusic plugin displayed version: 1.0.2 vs install version: 0.2.2

I just released as stable these plugins. Please retry :wink:

Wow, thanks that was quick :slight_smile:
It shows up, installs and works correctly.
Was it done just now or was my device finicky and not detecting correctly for some reason even when I factory reset the volumio install?


it was done right after your post

Is there a limit to the amount of receivers on the network?

I have 2 volumio devices, both with the plugin installed & enabled (1.0.6)

I’m able to select 1 device, but the other never shows up in the list of targets in the YT Music app.

No limit. Both devices should show up if they’re on the same network. Are they connected differently (Wi-Fi vs Ethernet)?

So turns out, it’s because both devices are on different WiFi AP’s (same VALN, subnet etc) so something at the AP level is interfering with mDNS packets.

This same problem i have error code 400 json

Working fine here, so I would need logs.

Updated v1.0.7 which fixes broken playback caused by YT changes. Currently in beta channel. To install:

  • Uninstall current version.
  • Enable “Plugins Test Mode” in http://<volumio address>/dev
  • Find the YouTube Cast Receiver plugin in the plugin store. Click the Details button under it and choose latest beta version to install.
  • Restart Volumio.

(All steps mandatory)

YouTube2 and YouTube Music plugins have also been updated to fix this issue (both also in beta channel).

That’s awesome to hear! I was just troubleshooting and gathering logs, but then I just saw your post.

Unfortunately I am somehow unable to install the newest beta versions. I have enabled “Plugin Test Mode” in /dev/, but I can’t install the 1.0.7 version. See attached image.

Is that maybe possible since I am running it on volumio Integro? Is that using a different repo source maybe?

yes, I fixed it. Can you try again please?