[PLUGIN] Touch Display

No, I didn’t do anything through ssh at all. What commands do I need to give from start to finish? Thanks for the answer. I am very bad at this topic.


I’ve done everything. Screen is black after reboot.

let’s wait for @gvolt comes online, he’s the master on this.

Thank you. I’m trying now 3.5 inch GPIO display - Black Screen - #4 by gvolt ,but no result.

Thank you. Everything worked according to the instructions.

So it’s solved now?


Hello again. The problem was solved yesterday, but not completely: the screen does not respond to clicks, in any way. Tell me, what could be?

Touch part is not yet installed :stuck_out_tongue: and / or configured :wink: @gvolt could you…
In the touch display plugin you can enable a pointer,
then you could see if there is a responce when you press on the screen.

turned on, zero reaction

Do you have a link to the seller of your screen brand ?
Then we could find the info of the board and look what for the parts
You need for the install of the touch.

No, he had been lying idle for a long time…

3.5 has multiple versions of it is there any info on the board ?

Oke it looks like a


Following this should help.

If you should currently use “dtoverlay=piscreen” remove that.

How to do it? Where to look?

Understood. Thanks. I’m trying.