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is already there @Lintbf… 0.5.5 worked for me

@dvo pls check last post of Patrickkfkan

Hi now it’s working . It was my fault on setting. Tks to everybody

v0.5.5 also works for me. I can’t fix an issue if I can’t reproduce it.

Hi ,
Understood , the only settings I need to check other settings then the ones from your picture from post 554, I guess I need to add API weather map key …


api key was not needed to set the weather in my case.

True. In fact there is no place to set the key in plugin settings.

I have installed again the plugin but I have the same issue

Did you restart after installing?

After restart it is working :). But I have this message

Always remember to restart after updating a plugin. Always.

This message means you have not set the Genius Access Token for accessing song / album / artist info / lyrics. There is a guide you can access in the plugin settings.

Many thanks for your patience :slight_smile:
Now touchscreen screensaver timeout . Currently this is set to 120s , after that the screen is OFF.
What is your settings for this parameter ? Si disabled or it is higher ? In order to see the weather info ?

set it to 0 in the touch plugin

I read through this entire topic.
Am I correct that I can manually edit the display resolution to 1600x600 in .cfg and adjust sizing in the plugin until I like the display?
I want to use a 9.3" 1600x600 HDMI touch display because it fits the old radio case better than the smaller ones.
I’m just trying to avoid buying something that I can’t make work.
Thanks for your time

The plugin has nothing to do with setting up hardware. If you can get the default UI to display on your screen at the correct resolution, then the plugin will display fine as well.


I don’t exactly know how search algum, song, artist is done but here goes my issue (more noticeable with album names but also some songs).

Example albuns:
I have some albuns (more than a few) with several versions on my HD library:

Artist: Pink Floyd
Album1: Dark Side of The Moon [Remastered]
Album2: Dark Side of The Moon [96/24 Edition]

What happens is that, with this notation I use, algum info is not usually found…

Is that a way to ignore (in search on genius) what is between brackets [ ]?

Would it be feaseble for the developer to implement this?

Love this plugin but I have many albuns not found…


i was trying to find the algum but mine was old and woody,
and my Example albuns are nearly done so i go eat them.

Hi @patrickkfkan
The weather has disappeared again for me. Maybe a similar issue to the last time?
Thanks, Simon

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It happened to me too, it suddenly disappeared after a restart and there was nothing I could do about the weather

OK, good to know it wasn’t just me. Something similar happened in February and @patrickkfkan fixed it really quickly.