[Plugin] GPIO Buttons: Control Volumio 2/ Volumio 3 with buttons

Hello to all of you,
New here, I don’t know if I’m posting in the right place, please excuse me…
Moreover English is not my language, I write thanks to Deepl…
I installed VOLUMIO 3 (3.396 and 3.423) on Paspberry pi 3B and 3B+, until now, all is well.
But when I install the GPIO Buttons Plugin (0.8.3) proposed by the download interface, it is impossible for me to turn off the system, whether I choose to connect my pushbutton between the chosen GPIO and the ground or the +3.3, could someone help me,
thank you in advance for your lights…

Many thanks for the tutorial! :+1:

all that remains is to wire and test :wink:

The tutorial?

That’s obsolete. The GPIO Buttons are in the plugin store. No need to perform al kind of tricks anymore :slight_smile:

I follow this command:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install build-essential
cd ~
wget http://plugins.volumio.org/plugins/volumio/armhf/system_controller/gpio-buttons/gpio-buttons.zip
mkdir ./gpio-buttons
miniunzip gpio-buttons.zip -d ./gpio-buttons
cd gpio-buttons
npm install --save onoff@6.0.0
volumio plugin install
cd .. && rm -R ./gpio-buttons && rm -R ./gpio-buttons.zip

i would just do:

I need to wire like this ?


If you want to read low as the button is pressed, Yes.

I don’t have a MyVolumio account, that’s why I didn’t see the plugin search and I tried to install the plugin by myself… it’s fixed, I just created myself a account
Thanks for the help !

different buttons must be connected to different GPIOs.
in this picture Pause/Stop/Play are connected to the same GPIO, the RPi won’t be able to distinguish if a press is coming from Play or Stop or Pause.

unless he uses toggle?

Not true.
The resistor is holding the gpio low, all good so far.
When the button is pressed the GPIO will be short straight to 5V. Taking it higher than Mick Jagger on a concert weekend… NOT good. This may kill the Pi
should be using the 3.3v and an approprate current limiting resister

your correct, missed the 5V somehow.
Should be like this:

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the max gpio current is 16mA.
so to be safe… also a 1k resistor in line with the gpio and switch will limit the max current allowed to flow to 3.3mA.
If you want to make it super stable a 100nf capacitor between GPIO and the ground to prevent accidental double pressing.

what i only don’t get why 3 buttons for the same press ? you could use only one for it.
pause stop play …

Good remark for the 3.3V and indeed a single button should be enough for play/stop/pause

As you can see bellow I am just finishing prototyping for my streamer and let me ask , what is the idea to have button only for “OFF” and not for “ON”. How you guys solve this in your streamers ?

Actualy I have 7 working buttons , 2 encoders and 3 LED connected to GPIO
Relay board is just my idea to have 2 separate buttons for Play and Pause and for one On/Off Button

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it’s a hardware limitation of the rPi.
There is only software “on/off”. This means that “on/off” is the same button.

GPIO Buttons plugin has only software OFF so how to get one button for ON/OFF?


unfortunately GPIO3 is used by my DAC Hifiberry DAC2