[PLUGIN] DstmMix - Logitech Media Server with (very) Smart Mix feature

I don’t see any reason to remove the plugin. The only changes are the name as of V9 and the login to Logitech is removed (During initial setup). but the latter was not functional since V8.4.

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Hi guys, happy to read that this plugin is still useful for some.
A couple of weeks before, I wanted to update it but my problem is that I have already a pending push request @github for another plugin, I need to discuss with balbuze and people in charge to see how to separate the two activities since I’m not confident on the fact that other plugin is acceptable for volumio

We keep in touch

PS : Do you really need to update ? LMS 8.3 works fine no ?

Well V8.5 has some new features and plugins.
Unfortunately the update is hard to ignore as it pops up on the right top menu

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The plugin didn’t work for me the last 3 or 4 weeks. I installed it several times.
After installation the LMS server did not start or didn’t open port 9000
So I decided to find a workaround.

I didn’t need the LMS for music but for my Squeezebox Touch that I only use as a clock to show the time.
Without the server this clock runs aprox. 1 minute behind per day.

The Logitech Media Server plugin didn’t worked for me either. But this one (DstmMix) does

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I was stupid not to look in ‘Plugin Testmode’.
Now I installed DstmMix and this works excellent.
So problem solved.

Working on the plugin now
I found a better way to install latest version and keep it up to date. Stay tuned :heart:


v1.18 update


  • fix: revised installation procedure to get latest stable LMS
  • fix: revised update procedure to get latest stable LMS
  • fix: revised uninstall procedure to go back as pristine as possible

Waiting your feedback…