[PLUGIN] DstmMix - Logitech Media Server with (very) Smart Mix feature

Hi everyone,

Dstmmix plugin available for testing. You can find it in plugin manager when dev plugin activated

Based on the original work from Saiyato and Bliss plugin by Craig Drummond

The goal of the development was initially to recover functionalities - for me essential for a network player - on my volumio Primo, knowing that I was stuck with volumio by design and that my main musical use was spotify and Don’t stop the music plugin on Logitech media server. The initial activity has consisted in repairing Saiyato LMS plugin while updating it to last official release (8.3.0)

Basis of the offer (As per today):

  • Logitech media server up and running
  • An implementation of Bliss DSTM mixer, a plugin with a binary that calculate Euclydian Distance between library tracks :nerd_face:
    It works with unofficial LMS plugin by Craig Drummond . A database is generated and uploaded to LMS plugin to help to create smart “don’t stop the music” infinite mixes

Limitation :

  • For the moment, Bliss analyser is only available on ARM based CPU (PRIMO, RPI3, RPI4…etc) and X86 (thx to wheaten) , other architecture could be tested as is but for the other i will need your help to build the binaries

Usage :

  1. In LMS configrure you library to /mnt/NAS (important !)
  2. Install the Bliss plugin in LMS
  3. Download binaries by clicking on “install bliss tool” button in volumio
  4. Analyse your files with: bliss-analyser analyse by clicking on “Launch library analysis” button in volumio
  5. Once analysed, upload DB to LMS with: bliss-analyser upload by clicking on "Upload database button in volumio
  6. Choose ‘Bliss’ as DSTM mixer in LMS

That’s it :star_struck:

You can raise issues here as you find them, and feedback is of course welcome.


Vincent SAULNIER from 38200

PS thank to Balbuze , Weathen and zlaja5 for their kind early support


1. Why using LMS ?

Well, I don’t want to tell too much about this for several reasons…, just need to say that It’s a real chance to have LMS working alongside volumio, and especially lately.

2. Do I need squeezeplayer plugin ?

This will depend on your ability and desire to stop using the volumio application exclusively for music control. For my part, I use official local player plugin by triode to make LMS independent by creating a Squeezelite player that allow to route LMS music/playlist directly to the soundcard without interfering with volumio.
To control LMS, I use squeezer on android but lot of good solution exist on every platform.
Volumio will always be necessary for everything that is hardware controlled and advanced plugins like fusionDSP that are still compatible .

3. Where to start ?

for LMS to control your music library, you need to mount it within LMS like this: /mnt/NAS.
It’s important to use this path because it has the double advantage to mount all your music folder configured in volumio and also make bliss compatible without any additionnal configuration

After having installed LMS, you will need to activate/deactivate the plugin you need to fit your needs, a lot of plugin by default are intended to work with squeezeplayer hardware, you can deactivate it.
For my part i have it as following:


Tutorial for LMS plugin install

4. Bliss is not visible in LMS plugin page

It’s unofficial, you need to add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CDrummond/lms-plugins/master/repo.xml in the space for additional repository at the bottom of plugin page and click Apply to get it visible and available for installation.

5. How do I activate Bliss DSTM ?

In the LMS player section , “Squeezelite” player, find don’t stop the music option and then tick “Bliss”, after that, if you have already build and upload your music database using DSTMMIX plugin, a list of songs selected based on their affinity to current one will be added indefinitely to the play queue serving nice to ear mixes all day/night long… nice promise isn’t it ?

6. How long does the bliss analysis take ?
On my volumio primo, calculation is approx 950 files/hours, duration will depend on your device and of course on library size. If you stop the analysis by closing shell in a box window before the end, no panic, you will be able to resume the process where it stop simply by relaunching the analysis.

More to come soon…

Screen Capture

capture 5

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Hi Vincent,

does that mean it is not working on a PI3 or PI4 - out of the box ?
How can i help to build the binaries if necessary ?

Best Regards,

It’s possible that Pi3 and Pi4 work out of the box, they are both ARM based, but i can’t be sure
Please try - it’s not a big deal - and tell us.

Ok Josh, good news ! , I found an old RPI3, I reinstall volumio 3 and the plugin and everything is operational. Good news since RPI4 should be also ok - Enjoy !

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I use volumio plugin dstmmix 1.0.2
How to add network drive in LMS ?
or is it possible to use volumio database of songs in network drive ?

just go to the LMS server settings and select the Volumio folder that is already connected to your NAS:


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For the moment, the only way to get bliss mixing as it should is

volumio side :

the classic way… it mount your folder Musique and map it to /mnt/NAS/Musique in volumio

:warning: BUT :warning:

LMS side :

meaning one level up comparing to music folder configured in volumio

Of couse if you just want to use LMS and not BLISS, you could also put /mnt/NAS/Musique LMS side as proposed by Wheaten, it will work

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Updated to 1.0.5

  • should fix bliss binaries download issues and improve modal and toast messages
  • Code cleaning

I would love to get reports/questions on bliss DSTM mix feature, don’t be shy :pray:

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i am on 1.0.5 version. Bliss starts but stops.No library analises.

why do you say that ? your screenshot is not relevant, you launch the database update not the analysis and sentence “asking plugin to stop mixer” then “session closed” is the normal sequence of the update, don’t worry

what happen when in plugin you click on library analysis ?


It should work like that

After that to test bliss mix, upload your database and select bliss in LMS / player /“don’t stop the music”, play a track and wait a couple of minute for the magical…

“what happen when in plugin you click on library analysis ?”

if I restart than

so I must install bliss again…
“After that to test bliss mix, upload your database and select bliss in LMS / player /“don’t stop the music””
how to upload my my database?

Please Zlaja5, you make me crazy :laughing:
there’s only 2 buttons on my plugin !!! 1 “analyse” and 2 “upload database”

You first screen is normal if you have already analyse your music ( 600-900 files / hours) that generate your database, it only count new files…
…then you click on the second button to upload it and you will get the same as your previous screen “bliss stops” witch is also normal…

then play a track and wait to see if mix is working…

Can’t say more :man_shrugging:

you have 3 buttons(install,analyse,upload)
after restart, always have to install again to open analyse page
my music files are now on samsung 1TB usb drive which is not analyse. how to analyse?

Ok, normally your database is not erased, this is the most important

you’re right 3 buttons, I have to test usb analysis but normally it should work

no in fact it won’t work as is, I have to update the plugin in a way I have to find…

As a temporary solution, you can edit the file “/home/volumio/Blissanalyser/config.ini” on your device via ssh
to replace music=/mnt/NAS by music=/media , then launch the analysis then upload

In LMS, you will have to set the right music folder also , i.e. /media

Good luck, tell me ^^

yes, its working now. But, first install again bliss tool, than ssh to replace /mnt/nas, and then start library analyse.
otherwise, installation of your bliss tool write again a path to /mnt/nas…

yes I forget to mention that downloading tool will overwrite manually edited config.ini
I’ll fix this in next version. does the mix actually working ? I would pay to get answer :astonished::face_with_thermometer::thinking:

still analysing
I have a lot of music
Can I stop before end, just to try ?

what is your machine ? yes you can stop before the end , upload, and resume analysing later, it should work but as your music is on usb, I can’t be affirmative…