PiFi Digi+ V.1.0 - Not working on Volumio 3?


Just bought few days ago this add-on PCB for my RaspBerry Pi 4B. I tried many type of DAC option (HifiBerry Digi, IQaudio Pi-Digi+ and Generic I2S DAC) in Volumio 3.631 and I cannot get the Digital output working). When I use the Generic I2S, I can see activity on 35 and 40 with the oscilloscope… When I use HifiBerry, these 2 pins are at 0. Any suggestion?

Not sure if this clone board will work with Volumio V3.xxxx
Take a look here:

Yep, saw this one… was just hopping to have more clear opinion… Thank you. Kind of funny how suddenly some hardware become obsolete…

Well to be honest, why going for a clone board, instead of getting the official one and support the brand that took time, effort and money to develop it.

Hello, actually, if you look carefully this board, it is only one chip made by Wolfson. This is basically an application note fitted on a RPi footprint. This is not months of engineering! Actually, the copy use the same IC. The real work is the software!

I am not a specialist of RPi… Now I am not even sure the version of HifiBerry will work… I guess it is too old too!

PiFi Digi+ v1.0 is a clone of the HifiBerry Digi+

I had this HAT and it works with Volumio3 selecting “HifiBerry Digi” from the I2S DAC list.

however, it does have problem in some newer revision of the RPi4, due to the way the reset circuit has been implemented.

It does require a HW modification to work with the newer revisions of the RPi4


To summarise the disgnosis proposed on the other forum
The WM8804 is held in reset state on power up by a resistor charging up a capacitor attached to pin 6
After this reset is removed there is a limited period for the I2C comms to be put into software mode
Hence there is effectively a race between the pifi-digi rc time constant and the boot sequence on the rpi
The proposed fix is to add another capacitor between pin 6 and ground on the pifi-digi to lengthen this time constant.
On a surface mount board this is going to require sharp eyes, a steady hand and some experience.
I think I’ll just dedicate my other rpi 4GB to my second pifi-digi and leave it at that.
The sound - especially the stereo image - from this WM8804 with a decent DAC is well worth the effort and cost.

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