PeppySpectrum - The plugin!

OK…I’ll put the mouse under the table :pensive:

But that’s what I meant…when I press the mouse on the Pi, spectrum stops and then doesn’t come up in play again. Then you have to start via plugin management.

yeah see what you mean, it’s for a bug log.

  • Pressing stop via web GUI, the spectrum meter starts and stops properly. However pressing stop doesn’t close the background image
  • Doing the same via the touchscreen, peppy won’t start anymore, unless you hit apply in the settings screen

Modifying setting in config.txt.tmpl, doesn’t help.
exit.on.touch = True

simple don’t use a background image :slight_smile:

Currently settling with this:

Thanks for the plugin, all seems to be working fine with Tidal.

Is it possible to move the image from top left of screen to bottom left? What do I need to change to achieve this? I’m looking to do that with the ‘medium’ preset.

Any guidance appreciated.



Today I wanted to install Peppyspectrum on another rpi 4 but I can’t get the plugin to work here.
When I look at the log, I see that a module called PIL is apparently missing.
Any idea what’s wrong here?

Thanks for the help…

Done…I found an error, the DAC itself is apparently the problem…
But no problem…then just different…

DSD native…so it also works with the stupid dac


can we hope a new serie of templates be created ? I think about spectrum analyser vertical colored bars base.

Is it something that would be easy added ? For me vumeter are nice, but usefull that showing the spectre distribution.

Like here


This all depends on the developer of peppymeter.
@balbuze, just released the first beta to enable Peppy_Spectrum in Volumio.
Currently the source of Peppy_Spectrum has very limited functionality.
You can also take a look at the MPD OLED plugin. Which shows a spectrum analyzer.

can you share what it looks like the peppy_spectrum ?



There is a specific thread for it