PeppySpectrum - The plugin!

You probably know PeppyMeter, but do you know PeppySpectrum?

edit : available in the store! see PeppySpectrum - The plugin! - #79 by balbuze


Thanks… But it’s can install on the 2.8 version?

No… Volumio> 3.1 only.
What is the interest of staying in v2.8?

If you want to run all from the ssh session:

cd /data/INTERNAL
mkdir sp
wget -O
miniunzip -d ./sp
cd sp
volumio plugin install


I installed the plugin and it works well so far.
I like it very much, especially in combination with Now playing.
Very good work. :+1:

It would be great if the size could be even smaller so that it fits well into a 7" without covering the writing.



please have a look here:

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I’ve searched everything, but I can’t find any entries where the screen sizes small, medium, wide and large are defined. I think without them I can’t change anything.

I think you can play around with these values:

Just did a nasty and dirty check to see if possible.
You need to modify (I used small, s6 for testing):

origin.x = 8
origin.y = 90
spectrum.x = 0
spectrum.y = 0
bgr.type = color
bgr.color = 30, 34, 54
bgr.gradient =
bgr.filename =
bar.type = image
bar.color =
bar.gradient =
bar.filename = s-6.png
bar.width = 4
bar.height = 80 = 2
reflection.type =
reflection.color =
reflection.gradient =
reflection.filename = = 0
steps = 26


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In this first version of the plugin, only spectrum provided by peppyspectrum are available.
The scrolling list in the UI is not dynamic. It means that even if you add your own spectrum, you can’t select it.
I plan to improve this in a next version…


@balbuze, It works like a charm.
Tested the sources:

  • Spotify
  • NAS
  • Qobuz
  • Webradio

Maybe you have time to combine both to a new plugin Spectrum and meter :rofl:

Thank you very much,


exactly these lines I was looking for…and did not find them. :dotted_line_face:

if you want have more you can find it in :
Configuration · project-owner/peppyalsa.doc Wiki · GitHub

I imagined it like that…

very good.

If the Spectrum started again automatically after a mouse click, it would be perfect for me.

i would increase the gap size to 3

grab size 2

:slightly_smiling_face: = 2
you find it in :


here you can find what to ajust and the names of it :

sorry, wrong picture…

but now …gap = 3
You’re right, it looks nicer.

and with the right color.

build a lot of spectrums in the past :slight_smile: with rainmeter for the pc :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it;s a screensaver? Screensaver don’t start by mouse click. (unless you click on the play button)