Peppymeter plugin with serial, I2C, and PWM output

For anyone searching for a solution to get peppymeter installed on volumio with the subject outputs, google keeps pointing to @2aCD’s awesome solution here. Unfortunately this plugin doesn’t allow serial or PWM outputs, but the subject does mention @balbuze’s plugin, which does. Sadly, the link to balbuze’s github was a dead end, but with some digging around I found it and successfully have peppymeter installed outputting to serial (RS-232), with some minor tweaks.

Github location:

The instructions are mostly correct, but the wget command should read:


and the plugin is missing the python3-serial dependency, so you will need to install that using your preferred method. For example:

sudo apt-get install python3-serial

Tested and working with serial output on Volumio 3.378.

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It seems this plugin is broken in Volumio 3.512