Paypal Payment Volumio Premium

Hi, I have an rp3 , hifiberry dac pro+ and would like to upgrade to Volumio Premium.
When trying to book the test subscription, Paypal requires me to enter a credit card number.
But I don’t have a credit card. Also, I want to pay with my Paypal balance and not with my bank account or a credit card. Is there a solution for my issue. Thank you for the reading!

Unfortunately there is no solution. For subscriptions, paypal requires a credit card even if you have money on your account.
It’s not something we can change on our end… sorry

Maybe Volumio will accept a virtual credit card?

I’m very surprised, because a booking, e.g. the Tidal Hifi Plus Abo, was possible with Paypal without a credit card request. Maybe volumio switched a sub payment company in between?

I disagree with this, my Tidal subscription is payed via PayPal and a credit card was a must. Which is also logical, PayPal needs to draw money from somewhere to prevent your balance going negative.

That might have worked for you. I don’t have a credit card at all and it worked without. Maybe because the PayPal account is linked to the bank account…?!

Isn’t the logic such that a subscription only starts or is extended once payment has been made? So if Paypal or the credit card company or the bank does not pay, then no subscription will be activated

Not for Tidal, you get a 3 months trail for 2 euro. If you forget to end this, they can charge you for the full amount. Using a credit card saves them a lot of adminstration. They only need to check the validation period. And a creditcard ahs always money :slight_smile:

Means that Volumio only accepts Paypal with an additional credit card in case someone forgets to cancel the subscription, so that the amount is still paid…? I wouldn’t find it so good with an one year subscription. It would be better, no further payment, no further subscription

No not really. Don’t compare Tidal with Volumio.
You missed the 2nd point.

Imagine, we have 193 countries nowadays. Assume every country has 2 national banks. thats close to 400 banks, that they need to setup, maintain and charge. vs 4 credit card companies.

Or just one company called Paypal. Paypal is offered by Volumio as a payment method. With the balance on it I would like to pay for the subscription in advance, but not allowed here, they
also want a credit card.

No more stress here. I can accept this basis of business now. I’m sure there will be a solution for me.
Thank You!

This does not depend on us, it’s a Paypal policy that we can’t change…

Sorry and only because of your statement. Is this really dependent on paypal or did you tell to do it that way with credit cart even if there is a PayPal balance ?

By the way, just saw that the problem has existed for a long time

We did not tell anything to Paddle, that’s Paypal’s procedure…

You might check here if that works for you:

Sorry, your link cannot be correct for me, cause my paypal account has been verified for a long time.
Isn’t it maybe so, that Paddle takes care of the payment business for you and thus determines that only those who also have a credit card get a subscription?

We had a conversation with Paddle about that, this is what we got as reply:

This can depend on several factors. One of them is what I described earlier, whether the checkout is for a one off purchase or subscription. Another can be if the customer is logged into their PayPal account and if they have one or more cards connected within PayPal.

Thanks for your research!
As already written, my PayPal account is verified by my bank account. There are no multiple implemented credit or bank cards in my Paypal account. In all the last few years it has never happened to me that I can only pay with my PayPal balance, if I also get a credit card.
My research has shown that other Paypal account holders are now experiencing the same thing as described above. Apparently especially when other payment service providers are interposed.
Of course it is to be accepted that you cannot change your payment transaction processing because of such individual cases. From your point of view, this should probably not be necessary for Volumio, because of the surprisingly high demand mentioned.

We always try to do the best we can to make you guys happy, so believe me, if there was something we could do, we would do it :wink:
Unfortunately, that does not seem something we can change