Why do I need a credit card for PayPal?


I would like to change plan to “Virtuoso” by paying with PayPal.
But if I want to pay with PayPal I need to have a credit card linked to it. Why?
(I can pay my Tidal subscription by PayPal without having a credit card.)

I hope there will be a option to pay by PayPal, whiteout having to link a credit card. I don’t have one…


You need to have a credit card linked as otherwise there will be no stable proof that you real and you paying with legal, as far as i’ve heard, it’s like that. No matter, where you did you take money, if if it’s loan with some kind northdakotapaydayadvance.com
you should have a credit card linked to your account. I don’t think that’s right but companies have to work like this in the new age of online commerce.

I am sorry, this seems to be a policy of our payment provider. However, if you go to your profile and click the cog wheel you will be able to change your payment settings :wink:

Let me know how it goes

Thank you both for the explanation and suggestions!

I don’t see any option to change my payment setting when I click on the cog wheel. Would I get the option after making a subscription?
Is there no other way to subscribe for a plan without having to use a credit card? :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Thanks for this topic. Yeah paypal needs a credit card to make sure you are you and not a robot I guess and it’s actually an amazing service. I’ve been using it for a long time. It’s cheap and convenient and doesn’t charge you anything aside from the withdrawals you program in. I had a time in my life when I was studying abroad (I was getting a degree in the Netherlands) and they didn’t have online payment systems like that. It was always a pain because the limit on cash withdrawals was always really small, and it was common for me to be money-less. I had to take out a pay day loan a few time, although they are much more affordable since the companies are controlled by the government. So if you ever need a payday loan in Europe don’t hesitate ta take one. I payed out mine in 2 weeks.

Check the companies here: [color=black]credit-10.com

I guess you should even play with a word credit, since a lot of problems may cause if you would take it.

Well it’s common sense for PayPal to require a credit card.